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Government of Greece

"Freedom or Death"

General Information
Country GreeceGreece
Established December 2007
Part of Government of Greece

The Government of Greece is the executive branch and it is headed by the President of Greece. After his/her election, the President decides what ministry should exist and forms the cabinet by filling the positions inside of the ministry. The Government exercises "general leadership of the public administration", elaborates strategies to implement the government platform, exercises legislative initiative, negotiates international treaties, and represents the state of Greece both internally and externally.

The Government answers exclusively to Congress of Greece which may carry, in extreme cases, an Impeachment, withdrawing its confidence and forcing the Government to resign.

 The President shall have the power to assemble a Cabinet of advisors and officials to assist with the administration of the Government. 
(Constitution of Greece, Clause 10.4)

 *Source: Since 2019 onwards, information was taken from Greece in-game Country administration list. (This list is updated every month and no past history is kept in-game)
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The following lists how the Government of Greece has been formed from month to month.


The cabinet of August 2008, assembled on August 2, was the first officially assembled cabinet under the powers granted by the Constitution.