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Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif

The Media Mogul achievement is given to press directors whose newspaper reaches 1000 subscribers.

The reward for the Media Mogul achievement is Icon - Gold.gif 5 GOLD. The achievement and reward are only given when the newspaper reaches for the first time the 1000 milestones.

Newspaper reached 3000 subscribers today for the first time, and the owner receives the Media Mogul achievement and reward of Icon - Gold.gif 5 GOLD.
Tomorrow, 14 people unsubscribe which drops the subscribers level to 2986 subscribers. This doesn't influence the previously given reward and achievement - the owner keeps that. In 4 days, the number of subscribers passes 3000 again. This won't trigger a new media mogul achievement or reward as that was previously given for this milestone.
The next media mogul achievement and gold reward will be given when the newspaper reaches the 4000 subscribers milestone.


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