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Icon achievement Mercenary off.gif
The Mercenary achievement is given to the citizens who defeated 25 enemies for 50 different countries.

The citizen can choose which 50 countries he/she wishes to fight for and progress can be easily viewed from their profile page, simply by hovering over the country and then they will see how many enemies they killed (it will be marked N/25, N marking the number of enemies killed).

Since the day 2,610 (January 12, 2015), the reward for each medal is Icon - Money.png 1.000 CC minus the current local tax.

Icon achievement Mercenary on.gif
Hovering on the Mercenary medal on the profile provides an overview in which countries did the citizen defeat 25 enemies.

Bolded flag and country code - citizen conquered 25 enemies

Transparent flag and country code - citizen conquered less than 25 enemies
Pop up window when citizen wins the medal

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