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Icon achievement Prestige Hunter on.gif
Pop up window when citizen wins the medal

Prestige Hunter is an award given when a Citizen completes the weekly challenge. Winning the medal is also rewarded with Icon-gold.gif 5 GOLD. The achievement was introduced to the game on day 3416[1] as a one-time challenge, however on day 3443[2] it was announced that the award will be awarded on a regular, weekly, basis.

Besides the award, the top 100 citizens also get a gold reward.

Place at the end of the event Gold amount
1 Icon-gold.gif 2000 GOLD
2 Icon-gold.gif 1000 GOLD
3 Icon-gold.gif 750 GOLD
4-5 Icon-gold.gif 500 GOLD
6-10 Icon-gold.gif 250 GOLD
11-20 Icon-gold.gif 200 GOLD
21-50 Icon-gold.gif 150 GOLD
51-100 Icon-gold.gif 100 GOLD

Important note: In order to be eligible for the top 100, a player needs to reach a minimum of 20,000 prestige points.

Please note: Completing the weekly challenge is achieved by collecting the last available reward. Occasionally, there are special occasions and a different - higher number of prestige points may be required.

Weekly challenges

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