Mitsunami War

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Mitsunami War
Map of Mitsunami War
Date September 12, 2013 –
September 14, 2013
Location Japan
Result Portugal was removed from Japan
Japan Portugal

The Mitsunami War (三つ津波戦争), meaning The Triple Tidal Wave War, was a spontaneous three-day, a three-campaign conflict that occurred in Icon-Japan.png Japan from Day 2,123 to Day 2,125 (September 12-14, 2013) between Japan, a Circle of Trust member, and Portugal, a TWO-aligned nation. The war resulted in the expulsion of Portugal from Japan after a sweeping Japanese victory.


The Airstrike

On Day 2,073 at around 17:00 Server Time, the Portuguese launched an airstrike against Japan. At the time, Japanese forces could not hold their ground against the Portuguese as they had no CoT support and had an absent CP (Natsu Natsumee) and were thus unorganized. Kanto, Kinki, and Chubu were taken by the Portuguese during the airstrike, whilst Chinese peacekeepers moved to occupy Kyushu, Tohoku, Shikoku, Hokkaido, and Chugoku to prevent their advance. Chugoku was eventually freed after the war ended so Japan could have a congress.

The National Shield Tournament and Operation Suzumebachi

14 days after the Airstrike, Plato launched an event dubbed the National shield tournament. Portugal won a Q6 shield, which could absorb 8 Billion damage from the tournament. In response, the Government of Japan repeatedly launched resistance war campaigns in an attempt to drain the shield before a future campaign. This campaign was dubbed Operation Suzumebachi (after the Japanese Giant Hornet) a few days before the Mitsunami War began.

The Epic Warfare Tournament

Plato then launched another event dubbed the Epic warfare tournament the day before the war began. At the time, Japan was very apprehensive about the tournament as it offered all countries the chance to earn a stronger National Shield. It seemed the country's efforts during Operation Suzumebachi may have been in vain. Nevertheless, the Japanese resolved to push forward in Operation Suzumebachi to eventually Free Japan.

The Battle of Chubu

This battle was originally intended to be just another campaign in Operation Suzumebachi. However, during this Resistance War on Day 2,123, Portugal's National Shield was rendered ineffective by an EMP (A bug from Plato). Under the direction of President Squibeel, influenced by the desire of Kazami Yuuka to kill some Portuguese by using a ton of Energy Bars, Japan began a spontaneous campaign against Portugal to free Chubu. The first battle ended in a sweeping Japanese victory, but the Portuguese government then responded overwhelmingly in an effort to defend the occupied territories. Unfazed, the whole cabinet was put to work by Squibeel in organizing the campaign against Portugal at all costs. Hundreds of thousands of yen from Government Accounts as well as more money from generous donors was spent on mercenaries hired by Ikari Irial and William of Edenbury, in combat orders set by Squibeel and ahava3233, and in supply distributed by William of Edenbury, Sir Robin Ibz, and Drakantas. Kazami Yuuka also dealt nearly 1 billion damage in Division IV to help decide the fate of this battle. The battle simply became truly Epic as both sides dealt absolutely massive amounts of damage.

At first, the battle did not go well; the Japanese had a lot of trouble pushing the Portuguese back and could simply not provide enough damage per second to ensure victory even with foreign aid. However, given the stakes, President Squibeel eventually convinced Circle of Trust to drop a failing operation to cut off Polish supply in the Netherlands and to provide their full support to the Resistance War. The battle then began to turn in Japan's favor and eventually, the country freed the region.

After the battle, the Portuguese people were outraged at their President, FC Pancadaria due to his fruitless expenditure of hundreds of thousands of escudos and thus began a process that would eventually lead to his impeachment. Furthermore, in anticipation of a Natural Enemy Declaration by Portugal due to Portuguese uproar at the result of the battle, Squibeel then pushed a natural enemy law to the Diet which would provide Japan initiative in a potential free war and in order to reduce Portuguese Morale. NE laws were passed by both Portugal and Japan, however, neither of them would prove to be of any consequence after the following two resistance campaigns...

The Blitzkrieg of Kanto and Kinki


Whilst celebrating their victory in Chubu, the Japanese Coalition forces pushed forward by immediately initiating another Resistance War in Kanto. Under the direction of President Squibeel and the field command of Prime Minister ahava3233, Japan pushed forward in an attempt to recover Japan's regions before the NE war could commence. Again, Portugal's shields were rendered partially ineffective by an EMP (bug) and the battle resulted in a decisive victory once again by Japan. During the battle, ahava3233, Drakantas, Sir Robin Ibz and William of Edenbury proved the effectiveness of just only using low, passive combat orders as well as supply and military crowd-sourcing (with Chilean, Serbian, Macedonian, and Peruvian troops in particular, along with other soldiers of nearly every nationality in the eWorld) to cheaply DPS Portugal into submission, in particular in Divisions III and IV. Sir Robin Ibz and Kinjiro Tachibana also lent their aid in tanking to the extreme for Division III and Division II respectfully during this battle as well. Japan eventually won this battle as Portugal's resistance proved to be the lowest in this particular Resistance War, probably due to the dissolution of their government given the imminent impeachment of their CP.


After achieving victory in Kanto the Japanese Coalition Forces immediately pushed forward into Kinki. At first, this battle did not go well. Portugal's shields were now operational and effortlessly defended their position in the region for the first 2 battles due to a lack of available soldiers to fight in the battle during the evening in the New World, despite Portuguese inactivity. Given the circumstances, the cabinet was in the belief that the battle was doomed that night despite their best efforts. However, around midnight server time, more soldiers became available to wipe the shield. The acting field commander and supplier, ahava3233, after consulting Drakantas, then made the call to push on during the early hours of the morning and thus the country began to make a comeback in Divisions III and IV, even with Portugal's shield active. Then during Battle 6, the shield started the deactivate and eventually shut off. tarasino then took control of the battle around 4AM server time to give ahava3233 relief and things began to really turn Japan's favor even more so. Unsurprisingly, Portuguese resistance to the Japanese Coalition Forces thus increased exponentially at that time. Nevertheless, President Squibeel responded by placing massive combat orders out of his own pocket against Portugal and constant supply was nonetheless maintained by tarasino, ahava3233, Drakantas, and William of Edenbury. As a result, Japan won battle after battle in Divisions III and IV and occasionally in Divisions I and II. Even after the Portuguese supposedly stopped supplying their troops, under ahava3233's direction, Japan continued to supply their coalition until the bitter end. This proved to be a decisive factor in swiftly ending the war and sending the Portuguese back to the Iberian Peninsula.