The World is Ours

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The World is Ours
Flag of The World is Ours
Map of The World is Ours
Formation December 2, 2012[1]
(Day 1839)
Dissolution January 15, 2014[2]
(Day 2248)
Type Military
Members 19
Newspaper The World is Ours

The World is Ours (abbr. TWO), was a military alliance consisting of 19 countries. It was founded by Icon-Hungary.png Hungary, Icon-Poland.png Poland, Icon-Serbia.png Serbia, Icon-Slovenia.png Slovenia, Icon-Spain.png Spain and Icon-United Kingdom.png United Kingdom after ONE and CTRL were dissolved.

It is often referred to as the greatest and the most powerful alliance ever, having about 60–70% of daily damage, including pro-TWO countries, like Icon-Romania.png Romania and Icon-Argentina.png Argentina. These two countries could never be official members of the alliance since Hungary vetoed Romania and Spain vetoed Argentina. All the other countries had MPPs or friendly relations with these countries.



TWO countries (red), ACT countries (orange)

ACT (Allied countries of TWO) members:

Affiliated Non-Members

A few countries could never be official TWO members, but their actions were coordinated with that of TWO, and they had joint military command:

Alliance Leadership


Country(s) Date Decision
Icon-Latvia.png Latvia December 13, 2012 Joined ACT[15]
Icon-Estonia.png Estonia and Icon-Venezuela.png Venezuela December 22, 2012 Joined ACT[16]
Icon-Thailand.png Thailand February 15, 2013 Joined ACT[5]
Icon-Montenegro.png Montenegro March 1, 2013 Joined ACT[17]
Icon-Slovakia.png Slovakia March 12, 2013 Joined ACT[6]
Icon-Lithuania.png Lithuania May 10, 2013 Joined ACT[8]
Icon-Republic of China (Taiwan).png Republic of China (Taiwan) May 19, 2013 Joined ACT[18]
Icon-Belarus.png Belarus and Icon-Austria.png Austria June 1, 2013 Joined ACT[19]
Icon-Greece.png Greece June 19, 2013 Joined TWO[20]
Icon-Australia.png Australia and Icon-New Zealand.png New Zealand June 19, 2013 Joined ACT[20]
Icon-Montenegro.png Montenegro January 13, 2014 Left ACT[21][22]
Flag-TWO.png TWO January 15, 2014 Alliance dissolved[2][23]


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