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Minakami Suoh

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Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
Date of birth August 26, 2009 (day 645)
Date of death March 17, 2019
Residence Sendai, Tohoku
Sex Male
Faith Dioism
Newspaper Imperial Missive
President of Japan
1720 (Aug. 6) – 1750 (Sept. 5)
Preceded by exReality
Succeeded by Hizaya Nobunaga
Crown Prince of Japan
899 (May 6th, 2010) – ?
Preceded by exReality
16x Congress Member of Japan
Military rank Icon rank God of War.png God of War
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Minakami Suō (水上環), formerly known as Kokawayoshi Nowe is the last remaining child of the belated Emperor of Japan, His Imperial Majesty Kokawayoshi Makoto, and the Crown Prince of Japan. Born in Fukuoka, Kyushu to one of the many Empresses, he was given the name Nowe due to the aforementioned Empress being European. He was raised under the tutelage of KITA Ikki and Reiji Mitsurugi, and did not attend any schools or universities. In his earlier years, he played an incredibly active role within the politics of Japan doing ambassadorial work in Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea, and Switzerland.

Though considered a controversial figure in Japan due to his harsh manner of speech and rough personality, he maintains a position of authority among the people due to his intelligence and ability to procure results, albeit many discredit his attempts to benefit the nation. He has led a turbulent life, maintaining connections with other figures of authority in the Japanese government and personally getting his hands dirty for the sake of the Emperor as a member of the Kempeitai (憲兵隊 - Military Police Corps). Minakami lives in the Sendai Imperial Palace, where he has been holed up since the Late Summer Tragedies (1726 - 1732).

Political Biography

Early Life & Beginnings

Much conflict occurred on the birth of Nowe, namely due to the fact he was born to what many deemed a Gaijin (外人) Empress. She took the fancy of the Emperor, and became one of his many wives without question. He and his mother have been under the scrutiny of their legality of being considered "true" Japanese royalty, though many acknowledge that they are. Even as a child, Nowe maintained a number of friendships with individuals who would eventually become great people in the nation of Japan in their own right - Danyeo, Sugawara Michizane, Amamiya Haruhi, and his cousin Myung Kei to name a few. Outside of Japan, he was given the opportunity to be blessed with the company of such figures such as AgentChieftain, WeeYakk, Zammuel, and Vaclav. Before he began his life as a politician for Japan, a spiritual journey led him to the sands of Pakistan under the care of the Supreme Priest. Bathed in the sands of the Holy Empire of the God Emperor, Nowe was born again a /v/irgin blessed by the Supreme Priest himself, and soon found company of WeeYakk. Together they searched for the next holy land, a place equivalent to the hot, glorious sands of Pakistan. They sought for Iceland.

During this adventure Nowe was blessed on befriending, and speaking one on one with the God Emperor, and was blessed even further as a son of the sand.

Imperial Sun Party

As their search for Iceland proved unsuccessful, Nowe returned home to Japan much more wiser, and though he was merely in his late teens he managed to impress numerous senior politicians due to his quick wit and perception. He was taken under the care of KITA Ikki of the Imperial Sun Party, and was taught the ropes of the political world from him. However, Nowe soon found himself involved in political strife as members of the Godzilla Party and Imperial Sun Party continued to clash, and eventually Nowe chose loyalty to the Godzilla Party over the Imperial Sun Party, and his relationship with KITA Ikki as a mentor deteriorated till they were openly hostile enemies. Despite being on opposite sides, he remained loving and affectionate to Reiji Mitsurugi, whom had also been the equivalent of a mentor (albeit KITA Ikki was his primary) to him during his earlier years growing up in the palace.

Godzilla Party

Under the tutelage of Crawling Chaos and TheReverendSeanV, Nowe became all the more wiser of the backdoor politics occurring in Japan. His childhood friend Danyeo had become quite wealthy, and corporations ran the nation from behind the scenes. In the company of people such as Lejina, Erumaron, Kaige, and others, Nowe's personality began to deteriorate from the respectful young Prince that maintained neutral ties to everyone, to a hot-headed egocentric dick - and sadly to this day the personality has yet to be shaken off though he is now quite tame in comparison. Prominence was given to Nowe as he rose through the ranks of Godzilla Party, and a rivalry between himself and Danyeo began once Nowe entered the Kempeitai in an effort to maintain certain authority remained in Imperial hands.

Work Within Kempeitai

The Emperor was becoming more and more distrustful of the leading politicians of Japan, and due to their efforts he was isolated from having any knowledge whatsoever of the workings in his country. He was less than a figurehead, and seeing his country filled with turbulence and internal turmoil, he wished only but to assist in uniting the land. It was something he could not do, and it was for this reason Nowe himself took up the challenge. He himself was not aware of who else was apart of the secret service, but there was spies everywhere that reported all information to their respective leaders. Nowe needed a way to uncover the truth, and he waited patiently for a chance to pull the plug on the operation. Eventually, a conversation with Sugawara Michizane led to the confirmation of Black Dragon Society, one of the largest companies in Japan that reigned the country from behind the scenes. They were enemies to many of the people in Godzilla Party, and TheReverendSeanV as well confirmed information regarding their position and influence.

Through duping Sugawara, Nowe earned the anger of Danyeo - if only briefly - and a number of assassination attempts was made on his life. In the end, it was Sugawara who fled the country, and Danyeo and Nowe reconciled through negotiation. Still acting as a member of the Kempeitai, Nowe would eventually lose sight of what he was doing through the benefits of a good job, high ranking position in the government(s) to pass, and "respect" his peers had given him. Eventually his role within the Kempeitai became something on the back burner, and he merely enjoyed the blessings of having allies he could trust and rely on. By this time, Black Dragon Society and Godzilla Party had begun collaborating to maintain control over the Presidency of the country.

Nowe had become completely brought in through the sheer amount of success being apart of this 'group' allowed him, and with the death of His Imperial Majesty Kokawayoshi Makoto, Nowe remained a companion of the group surrounded by faces of the oligarchy.



He was a soldier in Tenryu Ryodan.


  • Top Damage in a Campaign: 23,765,172 for Flag-Finland.jpg Finland, achieved while trying to conquer Pohja-Eesti from Estonia on day 2,128
  • True Patriot Damage History:



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