Order of Military Merit

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Creator of the Order of Military Merit, Jacobi.
Jacobi instituted this Order of Military Merit on 5th October, 2009 as a means to recognize the specific military contributions of members of the Canadian Armed Forces, who have done so much to keep their native land Strong and Free. There are three levels to the Order: Officers, Knights, and Knight Commanders. Order members are encouraged to proudly display their membership on the eCanada forums.

Order Members

Knight Commanders (CMM) Knights (KMM) Officers (OMM)
Coda Ramizeth Armour144
JT Vanguard CosmicZombie Chichi
No Idea Vulcain Eric Gunn
Gaidal Cain Plugson Mustache Dictator
TemujinBC Marcchelala schept
- Belated Death Tamas Dzsudzsak
- Billy Bob Joe Pifreak
- Falling Moon saintscb29
- Chucky Norris William Duncan
- Connor MacLeod Prometous
- crisfire Alexander Reader
- raw784 raptorfan
- Danster9987 Anthony Martin
- Philip Delle Palme Wiedmaier
- Ralph Kline Isy
- J. Robert Calder Matthew Gallaugher
- - jsboutin
- - Lavis Knight
- - Sperry