Par Dzimteni

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General Information
Country Flag-Latvia.jpg Latvia
Abbreviation PDz
Founded 18 April 2009
Dissolved 5 November 2009
Congress Occupancy 0 /38 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Kurzemes Kungu Klubs

Par Dzimteni was a political party in Latvia. It was created on 18 April 2009 by Latvians opposing takeover and disestablished on 5 November 2009 when it was renamed Kurzemes Kungu Klubs.


Establishment and Finland-Latvia war

When Latvia was established, it received Icon - Gold.gif 1 000 GOLD and Flag-Latvia.jpg 100 000 LVL in its national treasury. This attracted many takeover groups which were trying to loot Latvia. The real-life Latvians, realising they will not be able to co-operate with any another party, decided to establish their own. It was called "Par Dzimteni" (Latvian: For Motherland) and the first party president was Maaris.

In the first Congress elections, Par Dzimteni won 6 places in the Congress, insufficient for stopping the takeover. Most Congressmen from other parties left Latvia after the money was taken. Par Dzimteni supported Maaris' presidential campaign during first elections and he won by receiving more than 70% of votes. Only 36 people were candidates during the second congress elections, therefore every candidate got into the parliament uncontested. Par Dzimteni won 22 seats and had a majority in the Congress.

Maaris decided not to run for a second term so PDz supported Namejs. He was banned during the election but still, he managed to win. An impeachment was started in the Congress shortly after the elections ended. red-fox became the new president but was also banned a few days later, after Finland-Latvia War started.

Baby boom and NDP

During the May party elections, the uncontested Janohito took over the party leadership. Because Latvia lost two regions (Latgale and Zemgale) during the war, only 20 candidates were elected during the following congress elections. 9 of them were PDz members. Red.Fox, with his new profile, was elected country president. Kurzemes Karalis Kristaps was a reserve candidate (in case Red.Fox gets banned) and was supported by Latvia Defense Party party.

Kristaps Rudzis won the party president elections in June. A baby boom soon started in Latvia, due to several websites advertising the Finland-Latvia war. With help from PEACE, Latvia regained the regions. A few days later Nacionāldemokrātu partija was established by several opponents of Red.Fox, including some former ministers. They managed to impeach Red.Fox. Because a lot of key members left PDz for NDP during the time, a lot of babyboomers voted for NDP during the congress elections. Par Dzimteni lost the election and received 13 places.


The following presidential election once again approved NDP's new status as the leading party of Latvia. Red.Fox lost the election to Nameisis and left the game altogether not long after getting re-elected party president. In August, Congress elections PDz only won 1 seat in Congress (although the PDz-owned Latvia Defense Party also scored one place and another PDz member ran from Visu Latvijai). Because of Red.Fox's absence, the party didn't propose a candidate for the presidential elections.

Brief renaissance

During September elections, the recently returning Kurzemes Karalis Kristaps became the new party president. Several NDP founding members unhappy with the party stagnating decided to rejoin PDz. With better organisation than a month earlier, PDz managed to score 8 places in the congress elections and became the 3rd biggest fraction in congress. Although KKK lost the presidential elections, he became president after Nameisis' resignation and impeachment. October elections were less fortunate for PDz, they received only 3 places and were fourth.

Party presidents

Term Name
April 18, 2009 — May 15, 2009 Maaris
May 15, 2009 — June 15, 2009 Janohito
June 15, 2009 — July 15, 2009 Kristaps Rudzis
July 15, 2009 — September 15, 2009 Red.Fox
September 15, 2009 — November 5, 2009 Kurzemes Karalis Kristaps

Congress elections

Month Won seats Place
April 2009 6/40 3rd
May 2009 22/36 1st
June 2009 9/20 1st
July 2009 13/40 2nd
August 2009 1/40 4th
September 2009 8/40 3rd
October 2009 3/40 4th

Presidential candidates

Month Name Place %
May 2009 Maaris 1st 71.03
June 2009 Namejs 1st 55.00
July 2009 Red.Fox 1st 47.83
August 2009 Red.Fox 2nd 28.47
September 2009 no candidate proposed
October 2009 Kurzemes Karalis Kristaps 2nd 32.57