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The Party

Party-Partiet (Norway) v3.png
General Information
Country Flag-Norway.jpg Norway
Abbreviation TP
National rank 4
Forum Forum
Colors Black and Orange
Founded Day 1692
President Call me back
Vice President taulen
Councillor WP Attak
Spokesman vizavi
Members 4
Congress Occupancy 3/29 seats, 10%
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

Partiet (Eng: The Party, abb: TP) is a political party in Norway, formed in July 2012. Originally it was started with libertarian ideology, but changed it to Totalitarian sometime in 2014 and back to Libertarian sometime later on.

Party Program

TP works to strengthen Norway’s political system by giving support and encouragement to new players wanting the entry into politics or junior politicians that wish to take on more responsibility.

TP aims to have a fun, open and including community; not only for the politicians, but also for players primarily interested in the other parts of the game.

Every member of TP has an equal vote in deciding their politics.

Main priorities of the party are:

  • Upholding a strict, but fair immigration policy.
  • Including and providing funding to all Norwegian soldiers, not just those with high strength.
  • Securing a balanced distribution of power between Congress and Cabinet.
  • Uphold transparency in the activities of the state.


The Party was founded by Endymionis on day 1694, July 10. 2012.[1] He had previously been Party president of the National Liberation Party for 3 consecutive terms. During this time he, along with Che Kukaken, moved more than two thirds of the members to other parties in order to successfully block all PTOers in the congress elections.[2]

After this event, Norway’s political scene experienced a renaissance when many new parties with their own ideologies were formed. It also became clear that there was little support to re-establish the Binary Party.[3]

When the National Liberation Party was surpassed by Teknokratene and thus no longer the biggest party in Norway (in terms of members) Endymionis wrote a new party program and renamed NLP, thus creating The Party, which was in favor of Establishing a Nordic Union, The EDEN alliance and an economic system of social programs in balance with moderate taxes that promoted trade.

Party Presidents

Endymionis became Party President when he founded the party, in the following election, Che Kukaken was chosen as The Party's first elected Party President.


Name Term
Endymionis June
Che Kukaken July
Chepe Nolon August
Che Kukaken September
Endymionis October
Endymionis November
Steinar Rydgren Torkilsrud December


Name Term
Kenneth Kronstad January
WujekKaczor February
Back from Valhalla March
Back from Valhalla April
Endymionis May
T Cherub June
T Cherub July
sunflovers August
T Cherub September
Endors October
taulen November
taulen December


Name Term
taulen January
taulen February
efjeldse March
efjeldse April
efjeldse May
Ulfric Thormenta June
MrManiac July
YounesBG August
Emanuil 13 September
Ruthless Warrior October
taulen November
taulen December


Name Term Note
/ January No election held
taulen February
Granat MW March He quit the party and become Polish president on April 5th
taulen April - November
SansCoeur December


Name Term Note
SansCoeur January - February
integer syntax March - June
West Bergen July
Orctor August
integer syntax September - December


Name Term Note
integer syntax January - March
taulen April - December


Name Term Note
no information available January
SveneldNR February
Call me back March - December


Name Term Note
Call me back January
WP Attak February
Call me back March - Present

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