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Revolution is an attempt to overthrow the current Dictator who is running the country. It is executed by a leader of a military unit. This function has been implemented on day 2,656 (27 February 2015) and since then it is active in the New World.


For a successful revolution, a Liberation war has to be started by one of the military unit commanders in the country. Usually, to increase the chances of a successful revolution, commanders of other military units from the same country support the initial commander who started the liberation war.

Revolution – preparation phase

Revolutions are campaigns against the Dictator and his supporters, aiming to restore democracy in the country. They can be started by the commanders of military units. The military unit has to be located in the country where the Dictator is in charge.

The following requirements have to be fulfilled in order to start a revolution:

  1. Military unit needs to be at least 60 days old
  2. Commander must have minimum experience level 25
  3. The commander must have been in the military unit more than 14 days. Note, one does not have to be a commander for 14 days, normal soldier is sufficient.
  4. Icon - Money.png 1,000,000 or more CC on the military unit’s account (the starting cost)
  5. The country has at least one region left
  6. The current capital is not under attack
  7. A Dictator has been in charge for at least 3 consecutive days
  8. There hasn't been a revolution in the last 3 days

Like with military coups, if all conditions above are met, Icon - Money.png 1,000,000 CC is deducted from the military unit’s account and a “support period” starts. This time period lasts for 3 hours and allows other military units in that country to support the Revolution. The decision of supporting lays on the commanders. The action of supporting is free. If a military unit doesn't support the Revolution, it’ll automatically be set to fight for the Dictator, against the ones doing the Revolution.

Revolution – campaign phase

Revolution side on the battlefield is marked with broken blue swords.
Main article: Liberation war

If the attacking side wins, the revolution is successful and democracy is restored. This means that the Dictator is overthrown and the President and congressmen restore their power. If the defending side wins, the Dictator remains in office. Another revolution cannot be started in the next 3 days.

Important things


If an illegal currency is used to fund a revolution, the eRepublik team reserves a right to revert the revolution and penalize the parties involved. Every military unit commander initiating the revolution is always responsible for the action, and for the money in the military unit’s account.

If someone donated a suspiciously large amount of currency to your military unit, and you’re not sure whether it’s clean or not, please send us a ticket to avoid problems!


If there’s an ongoing revolution (including 3 hours preparation phase), the Dictator should avoid making actions on the organizations. These actions include, but are not limited to, donating any assets from the organization, selling products or making exchanges in the monetary market. If the revolution is successful, all actions will be reverted and the Dictator might be penalized.


Similar to determination bonus in resistance wars, there will be determination bonus for revolution against the dictatorship, though it increases much faster than resistance determination. The exact numbers were not published, but some of the citizens collected the following info:

Days dictatorship
is active
16 1.51
31 2.09
33 2.14
38 2.34
42 2.63[1]
43 2.7
45 2.83
51 3.5
58 3.81
65 4.52
66 4.62
84 6.28
96 7.26[2]
105 8.16[3]

Other important things

  • Fighting in revolutions will give you 10% more Rank Points.
  • Fighting in revolutions won’t count towards True patriot, Mercenary or Freedom fighter medals.
  • A Dictator cannot start a revolution.


  • Q: Is it possible to have 2 revolutions in the same countries at the same time from 2 different possible liberators?
    • A: No, there can only be 1 revolution at the same time.
  • Q: How do I see which military units supported revolution?
    • A: There will be a banner on the main page where you can see the supporters if you are in the region where the revolution has been started.
  • Q: If I start the revolution and then hand over the command of the military unit to someone else before the revolution ends, who will get the medal in case of the success?
    • A: Liberator medal will be given to the citizen who was the commander at the end of the revolution.

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