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Nationality Flag-India.jpg Indian
Date of birth 21 October 2008 - Day 336
Date of death June 2009
Residence Tamil Nadu
Sex Male
Minister of Internal Affairs of India
February 09 – March 09
Minister of Education of India
March 09 – April 09
Congress member of India
26 December 08 – 25 April 09
Military rank Icon rank Captain**.png Captain**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

ShYaM was a citizen of India.

His death by Permanent Banning was discovered in June 2009.

He settled in Tamil Nadu-Icon-India.png India. Wondering what the Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan Flag was doing in his profile... No one to guide him, he felt disillusioned and left the Erepublik for some time... later he was revived and started taking an active part.

At that time war between Icon-China.png China and Pakistan was going on.. and out of curiosity he went to fight.. lost a wellness of 25 and made a damage of 3!!!
Then he bought wellness packs not knowing the value of gold.


Later some day.. once India has received its Independence from Pakistan .. he moved to India, where he joined the party - India First.. and stayed there for long time - till it existed.

ShYaM became politically active and started putting his ideas in to the system... And one day someone approached him to contest the congress elections. He was excited, as it was his main aim... ShYaM won the congress elections with 3 votes.

Started working as a congressman of India. Working hard earning money and helping all his friends giving them economic support. And then in Jan 25 congress election... came second with 10 votes.. lagging behind in exp points.

In February 5 Presidential elections - dionysus won and became the President of India.
He chose his cabinet and ShYaM got the post of Minister Of Internal Affairs. He carried out his duties as a Minister and in the next congress election when there was a threat of a takeover from the Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesians, he won the Congress seat. ShYaM received 16 votes, the most votes on the elections.

Later when India received the Independence he was appointed the Minister of Education by then president of India - BroodRoosterNL.


In the meantime ShYaM and his friend started a company - Cares Food! Aim was to provide cheap food for the Indians - Made the Q1 food in India cheaper -From 4.5 INR to 1.3 INR. Later company was upgraded to a Q2 company. It stopped producing after the takeover.
After India received its Independence, ShYaM sold his company in Karnataka and started new companies in Orissa under the name of Cares FoOD and Cares TickeT. He didn't come back to India as he preferred to gain more experience and help India in times of need..


ShYaM felt that he wasn't able to get enough war experience as he was not able to move out of India being elected as a congressman for three consecutive months. Then came the take over. No more India. He felt that now is the best time to get some battle experience and started roaming the world fighting scenes.


After 5 months in Erepublik - ShYaM have been a congressman 4 times. He won three hard worker medals.

His main work during his life was to educate new citizens about the Erepublik. Spent a lot of time sending PM to many new players helping them to understand the game. ShYaM did this because he felt that India's strength was in its population.