Red label Party

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General Information
Country Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand
Abbreviation RLP
Colors Red and Yellow
Founded March 2011
Dissolved September 2011
Members 0
Congress Occupancy N/A
Succeeds Movimiento Americano Social
Succeeded By Love and Peace
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

Red label Party (March 2011-September 2011) was a centre-left political party formally active in New Zealand. Throughout its history, it was a major party in NZ and provided 3 Presidents during its existence.

History- Fall of Aotearoa

The Red label Party (RLP) can trace its roots to former Chile political party the Movimiento Americano Social (MAS) which transferred over to NZ during the war between NZ and Chile. The MAS was small and had limited support. The crucial moment was when zoomanager won the Presidency on March 15th and renamed the party.

The RLD witnessed a surge in support only days after it was formed when Bass Junkie became PP of Aotearoa. This led to a huge migration of members to the RLP. Its membership jumped and it became the largest party in NZ. A large portion of this membership were ex-Aotearoa, this included former Presidents kurojca, Congressman chiravi tabani, Helen Moon, mcmoox, former Ranginui PP Jockaye and other leading figures.

New Ruling Party

A sign of its growth was in the March 25th Parliamentary elections when it won 16 of 40 seats, becoming the largest party. Only days before the election incumbent President loader joined the RLP and after zoomanager resigned, became the party’s second PP.

On April 5th, the RLP nominated IvanMilitic as its Presidential candidate; he was supported by Free Texas, Ranginui and the Taranaki Tribe. He won office with 67% of the vote. In his subsequent Cabinet, he appointed members from the RLP and the Peace 'n' Prosperity Party (PnPP), the two largest parties in NZ.


All appeared to be going bright for the RLP until the April 15 PP elections. Former PP zoomanager ran against little known seebrendan (a candidate suspected of being a PTO). In a shock result, seebrendan won 33 votes to 26. This led many of the RLP's strongest members to resign from the party.

It slowly dropped from #1 to #4 in only days, with its membership falling to just 20. It was eclipsed by the Stranka Srpskog Korpusa, where the majority of its members decamped to. At this time it adopted a new name, the ANZAC Party and ran candidates in the April 25 Parliamentary elections. However, while it appeared set to elect 3 MP's, the party's votes were taken away by the admins and numerous members were banned for being suspect "multi-accounts".

Return of Red label

Following the election, the party was reduced to just 10 members. seebredan was banned for the use of multi-accounts and this led former RLP PP loader to take over the party. He quickly renamed it to the RLP and its membership increased to over 30. It remains the #4 party in NZ. The party also gained a large amount of MP's from the Ujedinjenje ili smrt after loader regained control.

On May 5th, the presidential elections, the RLP decided not to field a candidate and instead support the candidacy of Don KronoX who stood on behalf of the PnPP. This marked the first time the RLP and PnPP had cooperated together. Don was elected in a landslide and the RLP subsequently placed 3 members in his Cabinet. The party's members were at the forefront of the First Argentina-New Zealand War and played a leading role in the management of the conflict. During the war, loader was re-elected PP of the party.

On May 25th, the Parliamentary elections, the RLP worked out an agreement with the PnPP, UIS and Ranginui, in order to limit the number of candidates each ran in the election. On voting day, the RLP pulled off a major surprise when it won 14 of 40 seats, becoming the largest party in Parliament. Its vote base jumped to over 60, which was impressive considering the party has only 32 members.

In June, the party nominated former NZ President and UIS PP, Koska de STRAH, as its presidential candidate. He was endorsed by the smaller Red Squad party. In the election, Koska lost to the PnPP candidate, Crusadercarl, 35%-64%. In CC's subsequent Cabinet, Kurojca was appointed as the sole RLP Minister.

The June parliamentary elections proved to be another success for the RLP. The party once again worked out an agreement with the other top-four parties in NZ on how many candidates to run. On election day, the RLP retained its place as the largest party, winning a plurality by capturing 12 of 40 seats in the Parliament. In July, the party nominated former CP and current Minister, Kurojca, as its Presidential candidate.

Kurojca & Splindza Administrations

Kurojca emerged victorious in the summer election, capturing over 60% of the vote, compared to just 30% for his nearest rival, Bass Junkie of the PnPP. However, he appointed a broad based Cabinet that included the PnPP, UIS and Ranginui.

His second term was relatively quiet, with the President being engaged in RL issues. This was left to his Cabinet, most notably Ministers like mortalbeta, Crusadercarl and Koska de STRAH. The RLP came third in the July Parliamentary elections, winning 9 of 40 seats in the Parliament.

As the August elections approached, the RLP sought to nominate a veteran member, former Congressmen and Minister Splindza. His nomination was supported by the UIS and Red Squad. He emerged victorious over Srnica of Ranginui. The new government again consisted of a broad based Cabinet (including RLP, UIS and PnPP). This government spend the vast majority of its term occupied with a spiraling Training War with Australia. This occupied the vast majority of the governments' term and even affected the June Parliamentary elections, where the RLP won 6 seats (tying for first place).

Throughout his term, Splindza worked closely with RLP PP loader, but also sought to create lasting ties with NZ's international allies, most notably Hungary and Serbia.


In the September elections, the RLP supported UIS candidate Koska de STRAH, who was defeated by PnPP candidate and former Minister of Foreign Affairs mortalbeta. Following these results, the RLP supported the new government, with Splindza serving as the Vice President.

Only days after the election, RLP PP loader resigned (due to personal issues) and he was succeeded by veteran member Helen Moon. Only days later, the party was dissolved by Helen and replaced by Love and Peace.

Party Presidents

Month Party President Notes
March 2011 zoomanager/loader Resigned a week after Bass PTO and let loader become PP.
April 2011 seebrendan/loader Suspected PTO candidate. Resigned after the Parliamentary vote.
May - September 2011 loader 5x PP
September 2011 Helen Moon Dissolved the Party