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Icon-USA.png USA

Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of Tennessee
Map of the region
Capital Nashville
Residents 160
Visitors 20
Language English
Moving zone B1
Resource None

Last update: June 26, 2023

Tennessee is a region in the United States of America and its capital is Nashville.


It was conquered by Portugal on July 27, 2009, marking the fall of half the USA's high wood regions. Americans liberated the region one month later - on August 28.

The state was for a time rented to Poland by the United States of America, but in March 2011 was returned peacefully to USA control.[1]

On April 25, 2011, Tennessee was conquered by Spain in the USA-Spain War, a part of the larger global conflict known as World War V. It would be liberated on April 29, 2011 by USA armed forces. It was then reconquered by Spain on June 12, 2011 during the third Spanish invasion of the war.


Tennessee is neighbored by the following regions:


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The following lists the known Mayors of the region in chronological order.


The following lists the known congressmen of the region in chronological order.

Election History

November 2008

November was a relatively uneventful election, as Zudak (Libertarian Party) ran an overwhelming majority. It was in this election that Jewitt would take over operation of this Tennessee wiki page. Donovanator would also become active in this period after the election.

Zudak (Lib) - 18
Davduke (USWP) - 12
WereWyrm (UCP) - 5

December 2008

 Jewitt can do it, but Donovanator can do it better! 
(The Word, Donovanator's Newspaper)

December would be the first of the election battles between Donovanator (America's Advancement Party) and Jewitt (UCP). After intense campaigning between the two super-giants, the state became known for the first time in its history as a major election battle ground. Behind the scenes was an inactive USWP candidate, Davduke. Jewitt would come up with a slogan which he uses in every election, "Jewitt can do it!." After a few days, Donovanator would respond with a news article titled "Donovanator can do it better!." The influence of Tennessee politicking would go so far to even Florida (among others) where Leviathann would run on the slogan "Leviathann can do it best!."

Jewitt (UCP) - 9
Donovanator (America's Advancement Party) - 8
Davduke (USWP) - 7

January 2009

A busy political month, both Jewitt and Donovanator would lead the USA in their various methods. Donovanator's work with the CVP was pushing for a more organized party and would bring him to head the Recruitment Department. Jewitt's own work on the national level would cause him to lead the recovery effort from the Federal Reserve hacking.

When the January elections came around on the 25th, eyes once again fell on Nashville. After articles being released by both and many response papers, the final election results would come in:

Jewitt (UCP) - 14
Donovanator (CVP) - 5

February 2009

Facing amazing publicity, both Jewitt and Donovanator were now nationally-known politicians and an uprising Hurling from the Libertarian Party would also come from the grassroots and make an outstanding name for himself. Despite sentiments, Jewitt would announce he did not plan to run for Congress and would leave the election up to the other Tennessee candidates. He would later openly endorse Donovanator.

Donovanator (CVP) - 11
Hurling (Lib) - 8
Erik D - (America's Advancement Party)

March 2009

 It's like the eRep Hatfields and McCoys 
(Gilroy (FP))

If there ever was a controversial month, this would had been it. Hurling would become the Party President of the Libertarian Party and Donovanator might as well had been called Vice Party President of the CVP. Jewitt, returning from an attempt at the Presidency, was still nationally recognized -as with the other three- as a quality politician. Upon his announcement to run for Congress, Donovanator would follow suit.

Both candidates would release extremely extensive platforms which would dwarf any other platforms in the nation. Donovanator's My Congressional Platform and Jewitt's "Third Election, Another Platform" both were revealing pieces about the reality of the situation. Both candidates roughly believed in the same goals but only had differing opinions on how to obtain this path.

During a re-election release of Jewitt's newspaper, an article was released comparing Donovanator and Jewitt. Many would comment, calling the race the closest in the political ideology history of USA.

Donovanator (CVP) - 13
Jewitt (United Independents Party) - 12

Local Media

The following lists all newspapers and other media which are from Tennessee.