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Dead citizen


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Nationality Flag-USA.png American
Date of birth February 13, 2008
Date of death 2010
Residence California
Sex Male
Newspaper The Ultimate Propaganda
Congress member of USA
August 1st, 2008 – September 31st, 2008
Military rank Icon rank Major.png Major
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
TheSupernatural's, past profile picture. Yes, it is a communist mudkipz.

TheSupernatural was a citizen of USA, joined Erepublik in the February of 2008, a time before the war module is implemented.


TheSupernatural was residing in Florida, USA and earlier he lived on Alaska, ending up his career in California. He was the author of the The Ultimate Propaganda, a somewhat satirical newspaper which many think is nothing but spam. He was also the Emperor of Fun for The Department of Fun. He also ranked 27th in the 50 Most Important Americans article.


TheSupernatural served three times in Congress for the Libertarian Party. After the Libertarian Party scandal involving Martin Sunter, he helped to found the Neo Libertarian Party. He has been elected a party president of various small parties four times (e.g. reincarnated Apathetic Cynics United). In addition, he served a term as Mayor of Austin, Texas.

TheSupernatural's last posting was a member of Umbrella Research Party party, where he also served as party president (June - July 2009) and nominate himself to become President of the USA; he ended up last in the July presidential elections.


As for American society, TheSupernatural has a rather long history in the media. The Ultimate Propaganda has been around almost as long as him. Most popular was his "Who the Hell is this Roby Petric?" article, which got a lot of attention and support from veterans and new citizens. Although he hasn't spent as much of his recent time writing, he has taken up the job of heading the Department of Fun.

Conversion to Dioism

TheSupernatural had been a famed atheist on the Off-Topic Forums, until August 2008, in which he declared he was converting to him Dioism.

Turn Away From Dioism

TheSupernatural gave up on Dio and Pakistan after Dio didn't reply to one of his messages. The Dioism's move to Switzerland enforced this even further.