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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

The Department of Fun was started by Nave Saikiliah in his March 2008 campaign. It was created after Nave heard complaints that the game wasn't fun anymore after the war. It isn't an important part of the United States of America politics or military, however, it became a part of their culture.

The New Department (Wystonian Era)

Over a year after the initial founding of the Department, it had wasted away to a few die-hards and its existence was largely forgotten by the vast majority of the citizens of the United States, especially the V1 generation. Following a campaign announcement by Jewitt that he would re-establish the Department of Fun under Picayune editor-in-chief Jythier Smith, rival editor SamWystan of The Shadow Government began a campaign to become Secretary of Fun. It ultimately culminated in Wystan being appointed Director of Fun.

During the events of SamWystan's Day, Wystan declared Paul Proteus God-King of Fun as his successor.

The Wystonian Era Logo

Members of the United States Department of Fun

Divisions Within the USDOF

  • Anti-Lulz Division
  • Religious Persecution Section
  • Clown Division
  • SPEW (Serious Prevention Unit)
  • FQ (Funquarters)
  • Fun Hall of Fame
  • Office of Developing Fun
  • Bureau of Drinking
  • Bureau of Heavy Drinking
  • Bureau of Light Drinking
  • Bureau of Drinking Games

-Special Pong Division

  • Delta Fun
  • Irrelevance and Silly Hats Division
  • Bureau of Sarcasm for the Humor-Impaired

The Second Department (Post-Saikiliah Era)

In the last of the Saikiliah Department, there were a huge number of members in the Department of Fun.

  • Others!

The First Department (Saikiliah Era)

Some members of the Department have left due to lack of activity, such as its founder, Nave Saikiliah.

  • God Emperor of Fun - Nave Saikiliah
  • Bishop of Bliss - Jyles
  • Flatulator of Empowerment - Gaarth
  • Prime Minister of Pleasure - Esoom
  • Little General - Diarmuid Trelsman
  • Interim Director of Fun - KevinGregory
  • Prime Minister of Orgasms - jmatic
  • Pimpmaster Pumpflex the Second - Dishmcds
  • Others!
  • Other others!


The idea of "fun" was formed in April 2008, when Nave Saikiliah posted this article, which basically stated that the war with Canada "...wasn't fun." To help counter this unfunniness, he decided to create the Department of Fungasms in order to "Raise fun levels..."

Following his reelection, President scrabman tasked The Shadow Government editor-in-chief SamWystan with creating a new Department of Fun. Wystan had been campaigning to take command of the DoF since scrabman initially campaigned for President.

Fun Defined

"Fun" has never been properly defined, but most funinators agree that it is synonymous with awesome. All that is really known about "fun" is that when executed properly, a fungasm is achieved. Also, points are given out. "Fun" must only be performed by trained professionals.

"Fun", like all things, is competitive. And because "funning" is a very desirable occupation, there is a lot of competition. Many "funners" brag about their "funning" skills, however, the top "funners" can be easily identified by the following criteria:

  1. Be in the Department of Fun


 Anyway, this should help out American morale and improve the overall funtitude. Also, if you invade an article that was previously unfun and leave it funned, you are encouraged to make a note -- "fungasm" is a great word in this case. 
(Nave Saikiliah, in an article in the Liberty Times, titled Department of Fun--Also, vote for me )

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