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22 September 2009
1 July 2011

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Citizen Page - Chris Stanwick

Primary Newspaper - The True Voice of Reason

Secondary Newspaper - Is Fearrde Thu Guinness

Primary Organization - Stanwick Holdings

Pages Created

Major Contributions

  • scrabman - completely recreating and updating at scrab's request
  • PEACE invasion of North America
  • Alaska - updated Congress Members, Infobox, History, added Map
  • Vermont - updated Congress Members, Infobox, added Flag, Seal, and Map
  • Connecticut - Added Congress Members, updated infobox
  • Delaware - updated Congress Members, Infobox, History
  • Addition of date succession boxes to every history article.

Minor Contributions

Project List

  • Flag, Seal, and Map Project - For all current and former US regions
  • Wikiproject Military]- Work on the Current War and creating history sections for every affected region
  • Wikiproject Politics - Work on updating the Congressional Representatives list for each region
  • Update United States of America/Governmental Infrastructure
  • Add September members to Congress of Australia
  • Create Australia/Government Structure


Personal Resources

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