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Wiki Reward

eRepublik:Rewards --Admin 06:13, 2 February 2009 (PST)


I don't think we should delete these, but simply phase out their use. There are still signatures on virtually every talk page that include them, and if we delete them all at once without changing these links, it's not going to be pretty. - –Dr. AgentChieftain Flag of the Crescent and Star PPP! B / C / D / F / P / S 01:22, 4 February 2009 (PST)

We need to start the process of getting rid of them. How about the icons will not be deleted until they are no longer in use and then start the process of removing them from the system? I have already notified a few people that they need to change their signatures. You will have to do a lot of work on the Dioism pages. --QJ Lincoln Talk To Me 06:40, 4 February 2009 (PST)
I think this would be a task best suited for MiniBot. - –Dr. AgentChieftain Flag of the Crescent and Star PPP! B / C / D / F / P / S 07:13, 4 February 2009 (PST)
Yeah --MiniBot


I wrote questions to Q J Lincoln as you can see here Talk: Q J Lincoln.

When you wrote "Cool loaded questions bro" with an sarcastic emoticon I felt very insulted. Please refair from doing such things again.

All I did was asking Q J Lincoln a few comments. If you have an opinion either say it in a normal, non-offensive way or please just don't do it. Thanks. --Aryamehr Flag of Iran talk 06:43, 4 February 2009 (PST)

As you wish, but would you mind explaining what part of this comment is offensive? Is it just the emoticon? - –Dr. AgentChieftain Flag of the Crescent and Star PPP! B / C / D / F / P / S 07:10, 4 February 2009 (PST)
I can explain. The way you wrote it was very offensive. The emoticon made it even worse. Calling me "bro" and claiming it was loaded questions to make it all seem negative and bad when it was just simple questions I wanted answers to in order to understand what I did wrong so I don't repeat it. :) --Aryamehr Flag of Iran talk 11:37, 4 February 2009 (PST)
Wait, you've called me "bro", "man", and even "dude" numerous times before, and I've never considered it offensive.
Also, I can't help but notice that you are ending your sentence with an emoticon while advising me not to do so. Care to explain? - –Dr. AgentChieftain Flag of the Crescent and Star PPP! B / C / D / F / P / S 11:52, 4 February 2009 (PST)

Please put the fictional template back.

You just broke a policy rule, after 7 days if no sources are proven I can mark the page with fictional template.
You are in no position to add Ref? template as I am the one asking for sources and you are the one proving. By doing this you act as if you have asked for the sources and agree with your own evidence. Please revert the change. --Aryamehr Flag of Iran talk 02:21, 7 February 2009 (PST)

Since when have I been "the one proving"? I'm sitting in on this talk page because most of the requests for references are unnecessary.
Also, it's worth noting that I've broken neither EREP:FIC nor EREP:REF by removing the template; however, you have broken both policies by not waiting for consensus to be reached before adding the templates. Additionally, you have failed to provide any counterclaims for the parts of the article you are disputing. - –Dr. AgentChieftain Flag of the Crescent and Star PPP! B / C / D / F / P / S 08:38, 7 February 2009 (PST)


I have a two requests to you:
1- Stop using the < s > command. Just because you say it does not need source it does not mean that it's going to stay that way.
2- Please stop acting like a sysop or someone who has a lot of power by using < s > over my posts and acting as if I don't have the right to ask for source.
--Aryamehr Flag of Iran talk 02:31, 7 February 2009 (PST)

  1. If you think the phrases are not neutral, you should question the neutrality of the article instead of the veracity. The claims don't need to be sourced, thus, they are no longer part of this dispute. You can neutralize the article as soon as your source disputes are resolved.
  2. I am using <s> to strike out claims that do not need to be sourced, not your "posts". Also, I have done nothing to hinder you from asking for sources, although I do believe you are abusing your privilege to do so.
Also, I have two requests for you:
  1. Please do not start source disputes if you are not willing to cooperate with the other editors. When you started a source dispute with ThisGenMedia, you are responsible for proving that the unsourced claims are false, which you have yet to do. The same can be said of your behavior on Talk:Aryamehr and Talk:Embed.
  2. Please wait for consensus to be reached before adding {{Unreferenced}} or {{Fictional}} to the top of the article. As mentioned above, you are breaking both EREP:FIC and EREP:REF by ignoring the discussion and adding them on your own.
- –Dr. AgentChieftain Flag of the Crescent and Star PPP! B / C / D / F / P / S 08:52, 7 February 2009 (PST)


User:Admin/Requests#Andy.27s_AJAX_.2F_JavaScript_Skin_-_Done.21 --Admin 23:00, 13 February 2009 (UTC)

Thanks! Unfortunately, I'm not seeing the changes. Are there any settings you still need to switch on? - –Dr. AgentChieftain Flag of the Crescent and Star PPP! B / C / D / F / P / S 23:12, 13 February 2009 (UTC) --Admin 23:33, 13 February 2009 (UTC)
Ah, wonderful. However, there are a few problems apparent:
  1. The AJAX boxes on the left only seem to load when editing a page or if &useskin=andys is in the URL.
  2. The logo has been replaced with a prompt, which says "Replace this logo with your own. (/Andys/logo.png)"
  3. There is a bit of a space between the article, discussion, edit, and history tabs, perhaps they are being shrunk?
I can take a screenshot if you like, as well as anything else. - –Dr. AgentChieftain Flag of the Crescent and Star PPP! B / C / D / F / P / S 00:03, 14 February 2009 (UTC)
  1. We have added . Give it a try and tell us how it works.
  2. If you do not wish to create a custom picture to use with that skin, we will add the official Wiki logo in a few days.
  3. User:AgentChieftain/Andys_php - it's the code of "Andys.php". Feel free to change it as you like.
--Admin 00:53, 14 February 2009 (UTC)
  1. I think MediaWiki might be misinterpreting the &useskin=andys parameter as a part of the page on certain pages, such as Special:Recentchanges. However, the extension appears to be doing it's job in adding it very well.
  2. I've added the logo used on the main page to the code on User:AgentChieftain/Andys_php.
  3. I think the problem might be a stray <div>, as the error seems to match what would happen if you add a <div> in the wrong places on an article's page. It's going to be hell going through all of the code and finding which <div> it is, but I'll take a look at it.
- –Dr. AgentChieftain Flag of the Crescent and Star PPP! B / C / D / F / P / S 01:23, 14 February 2009 (UTC)

Box like yours

Can you help me with my user-page , I want a box like the one you have on top--Mr.Srachit (talk with me) :awesome: 20:41, 25 February 2009 (UTC)


It was a mistake and I know better on this matter now. Thank you for reverting & caring.
I am curious to something though "EREP:REF states that you cannot quote deleted comments" does this not apply to Embed?
Also on the quote, I did not quote him. I provided evidence.
Also, I believe this was one of the reasons that Goons came to Iran in order to take revenge. How do you think I should write about this? Should it completely be forgotten and should we act as if mojtabaw never insulted people as he held such great responsiblity and power?--Aryamehr Flag of Iran talk 10:31, 15 February 2009 (UTC)

Thanks for getting back to me.
In the case of Embed, EREP:REF's clause on deleted comments doesn't apply because the comments weren't actually removed. The flash objects on the forums haven't been deleted, but are not being played due to the forum's setting being updated. The embedded content would likely fall into the same category as party press releases in that respect.
On writing about the Goon immigration, try obtaining sources from the Goons where they cite him as a reason for their move. Also, be sure to write this in a non-speculative manner, as Mojtabaw's biography is not supposed to be a place to publish rumors.
Concerning what Mojtabaw said regarding the Goons, I recommend asking Admin about how to cover this, but it doesn't look like they will allow it. It is not so much a case of "forgetting what has been said" as it is "being neutral and non-offensive", and in previous cases (Such as "/v/ers" and "pig disgusting") they have stated that they would rather not have such content at all. Unfotrunately, you will not be able to use your screenshots as a source for the reasons I previously mentioned on your talk page.
Take care. - –Dr. AgentChieftain Flag of the Crescent and Star PPP! B / C / D / F / P / S 23:28, 15 February 2009 (UTC)


Create at least a template notice to warn visitors to turn down their speakers (or headphones) and stick it on the pages that use autoloop and autoplay. (Kind of) (annoying) thingy... --Geo "Talk Pages" Belea 08:19, 18 February 2009 (UTC)

An idea

Talk:Embed --Geo "Talk Pages" Belea 21:07, 25 February 2009 (UTC)