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Republican Party

Party-Republican Party.png
General Information
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Abbreviation RP
Forum Republican Forum
Colors Red, White, and Blue
Founded October 2008
Dissolved September 2011 (est)
Congress Occupancy 0 /62 seats, 0%
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

Republican Party was an American party, created on several occasions and therefore it is almost impossible to record all of its history accordingly.


Historic formation date: October 2008

 The Republican Party stands for a fiscally responsible government, with minimal government interference, a strong national defense, and the promotion of personal responsibility over welfare programs while withholding the virtues of our conservative fathers and taking into account game mechanics. 
(The Republican Party's mission statement)


Republican Party was PTOed by the Pizza The Hut in April 2010. The party in exile was lead by President Darrel Anderson and Vice President Richard Nixon II. Both were recognized by the US government as the official leaders of the party.

Before the PTO take over

The Republican Party was one of the top 5 parties in the New World, however when SEES performed what is known as a PTO (Party Take Over), many members left the Republican Party, and formed The Republican Party.

After the PTO

The Republican Party after the SEES PTO was discombobulated, and needed fresh ideas. Many members were arguing about what direction the party should go.

The Republican Party was working on forming a caucus in their forums in order to organize an election process. At the same time, the former Party President Darrel Anderson 2 was coordinating a process that will create the Republican Party's first official Constitution.

Rebirth of the Republican Party

On July 16, 2010 with over 35 votes, Josh Whitehead was voted into office. On his first day, Josh announced that he will 'begin to clean up the muck' that was left over. Different from other party Presidents, Josh sent out long letters with details on a 'FYI' basics. A form was sent to members, so they could op-out of mass PM's. He also gave the members a chance to be part of the new party cabinet. Over the next 29 days, Whitehead said that he will 'make it a better place to stay and will take it one day at a time'.

Rebuilding a Party

In late January 2011 there was news that the Repubs would reform. Luckily early in January CrayolaButthole secured a party. This would then give root to a new Republican Party. Under the new party CrayolaButthole would serve as the Party President. In February Darrel Anderson 2 took over as the party President. During his leadership he has signed bills to created a Militia (Minutemen), Young Republicans organization, and several other things.

Past Party Presidents

Before March 2010:

Party President Icon position country president.gif Terms Tenure Note
pantherthug89 1 N/A
loftedraptor 1 N/A
Zack Mack 3 N/A
Sir Valaro Volcrum 1 N/A
chatman 1 N/A
Darrel Anderson 1 N/A Longest serving PP
Jude Connors 1 December 5th - December 16th, 2009 Renamed the party - Haight Independence Party[1]

March 2010 - April 2010

Party President Icon position country president.gif Terms Note
Richard Nixon II 1 Resigned, PGei succeeded
PGei 1 Unelected
Max McFarland 2 1 Unelected, served less than a day
Pizza The Hut 1 April 16th - May 15th

April 2010 - January 2011

PTO was made of small American Pirate Party and the period of changing the name a lot begins.

Party President Icon position country president.gif Terms Tenure Note
Kyle Crathern 1 May 16th- June 15th
Darrel Anderson 2 1 June 16th - July 15th
Josh Whitehead 1 July 16th - August 15th
Pizza The Hut 1 August 16th - September 15th Renamed the party to Not A Pizza Party
Claire Littleton 2 September 16th - November 15th Renamed party back to Republican Party or Conservative Party, later party referred as RAGE information not sufficient[2][3]
The Big Brown Bear 1 November 16th - December 15th Renamed the party to The Nos Dive Bar, or shorter The NOS[4][5]
Josh Whitehead 2 December 16th - January 15th

January 2011 - April 2011

Party President Icon position country president.gif Tenure Note
CrayolaButthole January 15th - February 16th 1 term
Darrel Anderson 2 February 16th - March 23rd Terms: 1 and some
CrayolaButthole March 23rd - March 29th Interim

Past Vice Presidents

Vice Presidents (Before March 2010)

Vice Party President Icon position country president.gif Terms
pantherthug89 2
loftedraptor 1
Zack Mack 1
chatman 2
milestailsprower 1
Darrel Anderson 2
Brett Miller *Impeached*

March 2010 - August 2010

Vice Party President Icon position country president.gif Terms Tenure
chatman 1 April 17th- May 16th
Darrel Anderson 2 1 May 16- June 15th
Richard Nixon II 1 June 16th- July 15th
Shermain 1 July 16th - August 15th

January 2011 - April 2011

Vice Party President Icon position country president.gif Terms Tenure
Josh Whitehead 1 January 15th - February 16th
Richard Nixon II 1 February 16th- April (est)

US Presidential Election Endorsements

Elections Candidate Icon position country president.gif Party membership Votes Result
April 2009 Nathan Woods United States Green Party (USGP) 226 5th
May 2009 scrabman United States Workers Party (USWP) 1695 Won
June 2009 scrabman United States Workers Party (USWP) 1689 Won
July 2009 Harrison Richardson United States Workers Party (USWP) 1608 Won
August 2009 Harrison Richardson United States Workers Party (USWP) 1350 2nd
October 2009 Gaius Julius Federalist Party (Fed) 2661 Won
November 2009 Josh Frost United States Workers Party (USWP) 2624 Won
December 2009 Greg454 Republican Party 85 5th

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