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Nationality Flag-Australia.jpg Australian
Date of birth 30 January 2009
Day 437
Date of death Year 2015 (est)
Residence Victoria
Sex Male
Senator of Australia
Deputy Minister of Cultural Services of Australia
15 June 2009 – 14 July 2009
Minister of Cultural Services of Australia
15 July 2009 – 13 August 2009
Preceded by Cerridwen Voeland
Succeeded by Cerridwen Voeland
Minister of Defence of Australia
6 December 2009 – 5 January 2010
Preceded by Timeoin
Party president of Australian National Party
25 October 2009 – 15 January 2010
Preceded by Newt Gingrich
Succeeded by Guy Baumber
Deputy prime Minister of Australia
30 December 2009 – 5 January 2010
Preceded by Derek Apollyon
Succeeded by Timeoin
Minister of Industry of Australia
5 February 2010 – 5 March
Preceded by Adam Creedy
Succeeded by Adam Creedy
Prime Minister of Australia
25 March, 2010 – 5 April, 2010
Preceded by Cerb
Succeeded by Xavier Griffith
Minister of Industry of Australia
5 April 2010 – ?
Preceded by Adam_Creedy
President of Australia
6 January 2011 – 5 April 2011
Succeeded by venja
Military rank Icon rank God of War*.png God of War*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Sir_c0nstant was a citizen of Australia, born in January 2009.


He had good Construction and Land skill and was a valued employee. He has been awarded with 51 Hard Worker medals. He worked on the q5 hospital project in August 2009.


During his life in Australia, Sir_c0nstant has been elected to Congress and has served 51 terms as a Congressman of Australia. One term was as a replacement of Barnabas Stinson as he was elected whilst banned, no medal or gold awarded.
He has been heavily involved in recruitment, elections and wiki projects.
Sir_c0nstant has also helped serve the Australian National Party with several non-Party president functions. For instance, from July 15, 2009, inclusive of August and November, and through to October 14, 2009, Sir_C0nstant was the ANP's Wiki Manager.
Sir_c0nstant has stood for Party president in August 2009 losing 33-30 to Calibur.
Sir_c0nstant stood again in October 2009 and beat Barnabas Stinson (ajay) in a nasty battle.
Sir_c0nstant also was returned as PP in November beating Guy_Baumber 70-13.
In December 2009 Sir_c0nstant was made Minister of Defence in Cozza's cabinet, and served with distinction in the Brazil wars in Dec 09.
In December 2009 Sir_c0nstant was made deputy Prime Minister for 8 days, under patti11, when Cozza stood down.
In Febuary 2010 sir_c0nstant stood for country president and come 3rd out of 5 candidates. Was made Minister for Industry in Cottus-arci's cabinet. In Febuary 2010 Sir_c0nstant was made Minister of Finance for 2 days.
On March 25th 2010 Sir_c0nstant was made Prime Minister after cerb was impeached due to RL commitments.
In April 2010 sir_c0nstant was made Minister of Industrial relations in Xavier Griffith cabinet.
In May 2010 sir_c0nstant was made deputy prime minister during Xavier Griffith 2nd term.
On June 25th 2010 Sir_c0nstant was made Prime Minister after widdows9000 was impeached.
During the PTO of eAustralia sir_c0nstant took a step back from front line politics to pursue his military ambitions in Erep Rising.

Upon Australia's return to the map, he become President of Australia for three terms from January until April 2011.


He has achieved a military rank of Icon rank God of War*.png God of War* and has received 144 Super Soldier medals.
He is presently on 112 Battle hero medals, 5 Campaign hero medals, 4 Resistance hero medals, 24 True patriot medals, 5 Freedom fighter medals and 1 Mercenary medal.

Was commanding officer of ACU Koala 'I' squad, renamed squad 4.
Commanded 'G' squad during August 2009 as well.
Commanded 'H' squad during July-September 2009 as well.
He fought in the south Korea war.
He voted in the south Africa PTO attempt.
He fought in Washington against the Russians.
He made Field marshal on day 771 in this battle
He did it in the fight after Ezekiel Thomas who also made FM.
He got his first Battle hero on day 774 in this battle: Peloponnese has been secured by Greece
He became DropBears Commander in chief during January 2010.
Moved to AAR during February land locked reshuffle. Decided to not lead a squad due to increased workload.
During Erep Rising Sir_C0nstant join the Knighthawks militia and fought for India, Canada and Spain in various conflicts.
He was a member of the DropBears in charlie squad.
Lastly he was part of the KnightHawks military unit.

Sir_c0nstant is one of the first 40 Icon Field Marshal.jpg Field Marshals of Australia.


Sir_c0nstant owned the Albuera57 organization, comprising Albuera weapons (q1), Albuera teleports (q1), Albuera gifts (q1), shield gifts (q1 greece), umbria gifts (q1 italy) all manufacturing companies and Albuera Diamonds (q2) (export to India) shield iron (US q2) (import to Australia) Diamond co (Russia q2) (import to Greece/Italy)

He also owned the Total Group, Nom Nom group, and the shield group of companies.
Albuera floated on the ERX valued at Icon-gold.gif 488 GOLD.
Sir_c0nstant was a member of the Australian Business Association (ABA).


The Constant Gazette is a newspaper owned and published by Sir_c0nstant and is mainly used for party broadcasts.