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This page documents an official eRepublik Wiki policy.
This is an administrative page. Please notify Admin when editing this page.


Page Policies

References & Fictional Content

General Disclaimers and Legal Stuff

Wiki pages are categorized to link similar pages together and to organize the wiki. The list of categories can be found here: Special:Categories.


  • All pages require a category. If you have questions on what category a page should be in, please review the category list.
    • Category tags should be placed at the bottom of the article[1]
  • Categories should be in English
    • The only exception should be language name categories, where only the category of the language is allowed. Example: Andycro/Hrvatski
  • Party categories can be created if there are more than three pages in the category. These categories should have the following categories [[Category:People of Country]] and [[Category:Party Members]]. This decision was changed in October 2010[2] so this is not allowed any more.
  • All categories should be further subcategorized. Please review other similar categories for help.
  • Many categories have a hierarchy. For example: Category:United States of America has subcategories Category:People of USA, Category:Parties of USA. The Parties category has a subcategory of its own Category:Historical Parties of USA.
    • Pages only need the category of the lowest subcategory. For example, a historical party of USA only needs that category, because that category is a sub of parties which is a sub of the country.
  • Create new categories with extreme caution. If the category hasn't been created at this point, there is probably a reason why.


If you have any questions on proper categorization, please contact the sysops or make a note in the Bar.

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