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Nationality Flag-Denmark.jpg Danish
Date of birth 26 November 2008 - Day 372
Date of death 13 August 2009
Sex male
Newspaper Bjellands budstikke
Minister of Defence of Norway
15.02.2009 – 10.04.2009
Succeeded by Big Brother
Vice president of Retropartiet
06.05.2009 –
Minister of Intelligence of Norway
15.03.2009 – 15.04.2009
Congress member of Norway
February 2009 – July 2009
Military rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

bjelland is a citizen of Denmark, and was a resident in the region Hovedstaden. He used to live in Norway, in the region Vestlandet, and has also been sighted in Romania.

Personal Information

When bjelland was born, it was during a hard time in Norway. Turbulent times, with constant threat of a Take Over. He decided to join the politics, through Teknokratene, and was soon elected into Congress. After some periods in Congress, he went on to become Minister of Defence for two terms, and Minister of Intelligence for one.

He writes in the newspaper, Bjellands budstikke, a decently popular newspaper with 48 subscribers. The newspaper is now situated in Denmark, but used to be in Norway, and even has at least one article in Romania.

He is also the co-General Manager of The BEKAG Group, together with KristofferAG.


bjelland joined in November of 2008, through an invitation by KristofferAG, a personal friend. He at once joined the political scene, and ran for Congress first time in January, during a TO by Russia. He then ran for Strong Scandinavia, one of two parties where the politicians of Norway had united to stand strong against the invaders. He received three votes, and did not qualify for a seat in Congress.

However, it was in February that bjelland first got elected to congress, with 6 votes. He was representing Teknokratene, and Trondelag. This was to be his first step into the higher political scene in Norway.

March came, and KristofferAG was elected the first president representing Teknokratene. Under his rule, the relations with fellow ATLANTIS countries were strengthened, and bjelland was seated as Minister of Defence, a position which he already had experience in, seeing as he was the Minister of Defence under kir's Presidential term.

Another month, another TO, and another seat in congress for bjelland. He once again won a seat, representing Teknokratene and Trondelag, and this was during the Hungarian takeover, where Norway lost half it's congress. bjelland received 11 votes.

After this, bjelland fled the country together with his brother, Jakki and KristofferAG. They headed east, to Romania, to partake in the Asian campaign, and fought bravely in every battle. KristofferAG reached General, and finally became level 20, while bjelland reached Colonel and became level 18.

Now, he resides in Denmark, and is the Vice President of the newly formed Retropartiet, with KristofferAG as the Party President.

Positions Held

  • Minister of Defence (15.02.2009 - 15.03.2009) (15.03.2009 - approx 10.04.2009)
  • Minister of Intelligence (15.03.2009 - 15.04.2009)
  • Congressman in Norway (25.02.2009 - 25.03.2009) (25.03.2009 - approx 20.04.2009)