Central Thailand

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Central Thailand

Icon-Serbia.png Serbia

Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of Central Thailand
Map of the region
Historical capital of Thailand
Original owner Flag-Thailand.jpg Thailand
Capital Bangkok
Residents 70
Visitors 45
Language Serbian
Moving zone B4
Resource None

Last update: December 13, 2018

Central Thailand is a region in Serbia and its capital is Bangkok. Its original owner is Thailand.


Malaysia and Thailand merged on August 3, 2009 to be unofficially called the Federal Republic of South East Asia, from then it was under Malaysian control. This region has since been returned to Thailand.

And by March 2012, it was occupied by India.


Central Thailand is neighbored by the following regions:



The following have served as Mayors of the region.

Date term started Mayor Party
21 March 2008 Zenithal Thailand's Right Road
21 April 2008 Zenithal Thailand's Right Road
21 May 2008 Brave Sir Robin
21 June 2008 Xiong Uno Di Noi
21 July 2008 John Hancock Thai Nation Together
21 August 2008 Lmcas Thai Nation Together
21 September 2008 Dragon Bachche Thai Nation Together