Ciudadanos y Democracia

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Ciudadanos y Democracia

Party-Ciudadanos y Democracia.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Spain.jpg Spain
Abbreviation CyD
Newspaper La Palabra Soberana
Forum CyD
Colors Green
Founded 17th April 2008
President gyllega
Vice President rocroit
Members 14
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats, 0%
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

“Ciudadanos y Democracia” (Citizens and Democracy) is one of the oldest Spanish parties in the New World, being since September the first political movement in members and in the Congress, and is an open and dialoguing centre-left group that pursues the representation of the Spanish citizens by the means of direct democracy (everything is decided by an internal vote) and technocracy (which prioritizes the enthusiasm and knowledge compared with the experience). When some regions of Spain were lost to France in August 2009, this party become French. This party has been reborn again, and created as a new party, with change mostly in its orientation, which become clean Center.

Banner used by some members of CyD in forums


Welcome to Ciudadan@s y Democracia!

We are an open and pluralistic centre left party. Ciudadan@s y Democracia was born as a platform for direct democracy, that is a platform where you can express your opinions freely without. Ciudadan@s y Democracia aims to be your voice.

CyD official logo

That’s why it is a high internal democracy party, with active bases and where the impositions does not exist. In the section of our active forum, "La urna", you define the positions of the party. Because CyD is what its activists wants it to be.

These are the fundamental values of the party:

  • FREEDOM: of expression, opinion and action, fully guaranteed by the party, with no power structures.
  • WORK: More than experience, we look at your work capacity. If you are willing, you’ll get far with CyD. That’s why we have the most active group of congressmen, who builds and has built the shell of this country.
  • TECHNOCRACY: We prize the citizens that control or are particularly interested in a field, to assume positions and challenges.
  • UNION: Because we are a moderate party, with a great sense of state, we have no ties when it’s time to have an agreement on behalf of Spain, with whomever, wherever you decide it.

The union does what CyD is!



CyD was the first Spanish political party in having a Party Org. This Org was created by Bolonia and later was managed by Lordgio and it was known as Fundación CyD - SO.

The party newspaper , Ciudadan@s en Acción (Citizens in Action) was created. The purpose of this newspaper was to give party political points of view and party notifications because Press Release are to meet CyD members among this Org.

But the Old Foundation was banned on August 2008 because it don´t hace economical activity and that was no keeping erepublik laws. So in September it was created the New Foundation, ehich ws changed to an Organization in the 1st Version of erepublik.

In than month Ciudadan@s en Accion started to be used, and it reach more than 150 suscribers, becoming the most popular among Spanish party newspapers.

From September to January Fundacion CyD also was useful for exchanging gifts and giving gifts for free in war times to CyD members. When CyD Foundation ran out of GOLD, it does no longer give gifts for free.

CyD also usually emit shouts with relevant information, so if you are CyD member, add CyD Foundation as friend and subscribe Ciudadan@s en Accion.


Due to the size of the CyD history, everything except Party presidents and the list of citizens that were important part of CyD, was relocated to another article - History of CyD.

Party presidents

Main CyD presidents since the party formation (Those who held the position more than 10 days)
Date Term Began Image Party president Comments
21 November 2007 Citizen306.jpg Aliatar Spanish President: December 2007
11 December 2007 Citizen306.jpg Aliatar Spanish President: January 2008
11 January 2008 Citizen592.jpg n37 Spanish President: February 2008
11 February 2008 Citizen2832.jpg Meiko Spanish President: March 2008
11 March 2008 Citizen2832.jpg Meiko She left the party presidency and joined Proyecto Fénix
25 March 2008 Citizen71401.jpg Zegi
11 April 2008 Citizen80491.jpg Eisenhorn AlianzaS was renamed Ciudadan@s y Democracia
11 May 2008 User 272411.jpg Koldo Berlanga Left erepublik after the position
11 June 2008 Citizen221061.jpg Hans kelsen Left his seat to Bolonia, who left to Sugarat, both because of hollydays
25 June 2008 Sugarat.jpg Sugarat Sugarat refuse the presidency and left his sit to Raulov
26 June 2008 Citizen315391.jpg Raulov
10 July 2008 Citizen488872 v2.jpg Nesan Keihan-Tohoku (CYD acronym was changed to CyD)
10 August 2008 Citizen646482.jpg Wosho Wosho left to Pakistan and left his sit in Nesan Keihan-Tohoku again
13 August 2008 Citizen488872 v2.jpg Nesan Keihan-Tohoku
10 September 2008 40px ricard2037 ricard2037 left party presidency to Nesan Keihan-Tohoku
11 September 2008 Citizen488872 v2.jpg Nesan Keihan-Tohoku (CyD wins in local elections)
11 October 2008 Citizen221061.jpg hans kelsen Transition to V1 - Revalidated in the new elections held on 15 October 2008
8 Novembre 2008 Citizen488872.jpg Nesan Keihan-Tohoku (Because of hans kelsen resignation when he lost the elections)
15 Novembre 2008 Citizen80491.jpg Eisenhorn (Ciudadan@s y Democracia renamed Ciudadanos y Democracia)
15 Decembre 2008 Citizen488872.jpg Nesan Keihan-Tohoku Vinuesa was banned when she tried to takeover the party
January 15 2008 Citizen1203631.jpg alvoske alvoske was banned (unbaned 3 days later) but the party presidency was in sugarat during that month
15 Febrero 2009 Ezoderviwiki.jpg ezodervi alvoske from CyD president of Spain.
15 Marzo 2009 Deve.jpg Deve evighet from CyD president of Spain.
15 Abril 2009 Deve.jpg Deve kanuto from CyD president of Spain.
15 May 2009 Deve.jpg Kojie
15 June 2009 Goldf.jpg Goldfinger He made a Political Take Over by the support of members from other parties. He resigned to go on a holiday.
6 July 2009 A30bc13feef029f248944e8df6ff9f29.jpg PruDeN He continued with his predecessor's destructive line by renaming the party, changing the ideology, and destroying party image.
15 July 2009 Citizen751.jpg Siddy He started to return the party to the old glory.
15 August 2009 User 946041.jpg Churgambelino It was the last president of the party before it passed into French hands. CyD continue renewing.

Former CyD Positions

Avatar Member Position
Citizen80491.jpg Eisenhorn Congressman, mayor of Toledo, Congress President.
Citizen126211.jpg carlesruiz Congressman and mayor of Palma de Mallorca
Citizen128292.jpg Teletubbie Congressman and mayor of Madrid and of Murcia
Citizen309861.jpg Bolonia Congressman and Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Citizen303442.jpg Papalopoudus Congressman
User 272411.jpg Koldo Berlanga Congressman
Citizen71401.jpg Zegi Congressman
Citizen315391.jpg Raulov Congressman, Minister of Public Administrations and four times mayor of Madrid
Citizen221061.jpg Hans kelsen Congressman, Justice Minister and Mayor of Madrid
Citizen207742.jpg Piotr Kropotkin Congressman, Mayor of Palma de Mallorca and Congress President
Citizen488872.jpg Nesan Keihan-Tohoku Congressman, Minister of Communication, Spanish Vicepresident, Congress President.
Kenderr Congressmen, Health Minister, Ombudsman, Congress President and Spanish Vicepresident.
Sugarat.jpg Sugarat Congressman, Economy Minister and Spanish National Bank President.
User 946041.jpg Churgambelino Congressman, Minister of Public Administrations and Merida mayor.
Citizen817762.jpg Gen Congressman, Labor Minister, Foreign Affairs Minister, Congress President.
40px ricard2037 Congressman
Citizen335672.jpg Kanuto Congressman and Mayor of Toledo
Morta.gif mortadelo Congressman
Citizen719371.jpg Kiojurgenus Congressman
Nacho Baile.jpg Nacho Baile Congressman
Deve.jpg Deve Congressman, Spanish Vicepresident.
Ezoderviwiki.jpg ezodervi Congressman, Spanish Vice-president, Economy, Labor and also Public Administrations minister.
Nefarius.jpg Nefarius Congressman
Cesar augusto.jpg Cesar augusto Congressman
Citizen781572.jpg MRamon Congressman, member of the military council.
Citizen764902.jpg Evighet Congressman, Communication Minister, President of Spain.
Party-Ciudadanos y Democracia.jpg ferdos27 Mayor of Sevilla
Citizen831592.gif Albert Von Mainz Mayor of Palma de Mallorca
Citizen306901.jpg Victor Vega Mayor of Palma de Mallorca
Party-Ciudadanos y Democracia.jpg JJ Mayor of Logrono
Citizen1303.jpg Miles Mayor of Merida
Alwarom.gif Alwarom Labor Minister.
Citizen1203631.jpg Alvoske Congressman, Minister of Wellness and Health, Culture and Social Affairs. President of Spain.
Patukas.jpg Patukas Congressman, Economy Minister and President of Spanish National Bank
ProfessorFrink1.jpeg E-garenc Congressman, Communication Minister
Devotee.jpg Devotee Congressman
Kimico.jpg kimico Congressman
Alfonso Besteiro.jpg Alfonso Besteiro Congressman
Fad086d6c48294b47066886709a86562.jpg Lordgio_1 Congressman, Labor Congress.
Citizen1109882.jpg Yoqueno Congressman
Citizen757782.jpg Potito Starace Congressman
Citizen733742.jpg Spinola Congressman, Defence Minister, member of the Military Council.
Citizen758101.jpg HellMantic Congressman
Lordblack 1.jpg Lordblack I Congressman
Dankrat.jpg Dankrat Congressman
Citizen737192.jpg Siko Mojt Congressman
Citizen752471.jpg Malika ela Congressman, Rumanía ambassador.
Lestat289.jpg lestat289 Congressman
Espelma.jpg Espelma Congressman
Fuenteelsaz.jpg Fuente el Saz Congressman
Martriera.jpg martriera Congressman
Citizen126241.jpg Pingo Wellman Mayor of Oviedo
Muttlenia.jpg Muttlenia Congressman
Kojie.jpg Kojie Congressman
Alexbcn88.jpg Alexbcn88 Congressman
Elestel.jpg Elestel Congressman
40px Juanmarraco Congressman. Mayor of Vitoria Gasteiz
LogoYtanas.jpg Ytanas Congressman, President of the Constitutional Commission.
Anabel Ballesteros.jpg Anabel Ballesteros Congresswoman, Culture Minister.
AngelHN.jpg AngelHN Congresswoman, Culture vice-minister.
Citizen751.jpg Siddy Congressman. Newcomers minister.


A CyD advertising
  • In the oldest party of Spain (founded as PSDE)
  • CyD is the party which has the most chairman in Spain.
  • Logos party, designed by Kanuto, are two hands in a handshake, and include party´s slogan " We´re your voice
  • Political color of CyD, widely known in Spain, is the Green Colour.
  • CyD members call themselves the e-ciudadan@s
  • Party´s original name was Ciudadan@s y Democracia (male and female Citizens), and it is widely used in eRepublik, but the official eRepublik version was changed because the 1st version of eRepublik did not accept sign @ in parties name. This was protested by CyD.
  • There is a legend that says party´s chairman position is cursed, because many CyD presidents left their positions only few days later they have obtained it or left eRepublik when they were in the position.
  • CyD mascot is the Hipnosapo.

CyD Video Archives

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