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The American University is a project of the Department of Education.


Department of Education

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Daily Tasks

The things you must do every day to make your eRepublik experience a success.


Working is an essential part of your eRepublik life. It is how you make money, how the government makes money to run essential government programs and is how essential products like food and weapons are made.

Getting a Job

When applying for a job, remember that your net will be the salary amount, minus Income Taxes.


  • You can view a different country's job market by using the drop-down menu located around the upper-right section of the page.
  • The list of jobs will show employers' name and avatar, as well as salary offered.
    • Industry is irrelevant as your citizen is skilled in all the different industries available in eRepublik.
  • To apply for a job, press the "Apply" button. Acceptance is instant, but the employer may fire you at any time at their discretion.
    • If you already have a job, you must quit your current one before applying for a new one.
  • If you are a member of acommuning military unit or are looking to join one, keep in mind that you may be asked or required to work in one of the unit-owned companies.

How to work

Production After Working

After you get a job in the job market, you can go to work.

To work, simply go to My places and press "Work". With this, you can gain a salary. In addition to working for others, you can make extra money by working for yourself, in whatever companies you own. You can work by visiting your places, where you could select your companies and produce in every company by clicking to "Start production".


To Work for Employer:

* Simply Press "Work" under the Employer section.

To Work As Manager:

* Highlight the pip under Work as Manager under "My Companies" to every one of your companies you want to work.
* Click "Start Production".

You could work once a day in every company of yours, and once as an employee. You will lose 10 health working at each company. With every single work in a company, you could gain 2 experience points which could help you to reach the next level faster. When you work in your own food/weapon company (as a manager), you need to have enough raw materials to make the products. If you have raw companies too, you could work in each company at the same time, because the raws will be added before you use them for the products. If you don't have enough raw you could buy from market.

What happens after you work?

You will see the final results of your productivity, as well as a message with more detailed information:

  • The finished products are added to the company's stock.
  • You will receive your salary, minus income tax (when you work for others).
  • You will receive 2 experience points per company worked.
  • Your energy will decrease by 10 points per company worked.

Why work?

Some citizens work for their own individual gain. They get paid a salary and give their bosses materials or products which they may use to make other products, or sell for profit. However, other citizens work towards a larger goal. For example, in military units soldiers may be asked or even required to work for minimum wage. In return, they get regular supplies (such as weapons and food), free of charge. Doing so is often more efficient than soldiers supplying themselves.

If for no other reason, work to gain a Hard Worker medal every 30 days.


Training grounds

Training raises your military skill, which is critical on the battlefield as it determines how much influence you do which means that the higher your skill level the more help you can be in wars. You also gain 2 experience points for training.

Training is a process of increasing your strength. You can train once a day in each training facility in your places/Training grounds by choosing black pictograms, and clicking on Train.

Training facilities

Each training facility has different kind of effects to your training.

Building name Training cost Training effect Notes
Training grounds Free Basic increase: 5 points Train bonuses apply to only this building.
Climbing center Icon-gold.gif 0.19 GOLD +2.5 points of strength Costs 100 Money.png to build
Shooting range Icon-gold.gif 1.49 GOLD +5 points of strength Costs 200 Money.png to build
Special Forces Center Icon-gold.gif 1.79 GOLD +10 points of strength Costs 300 Money.png to build

Train bonuses

While training in training grounds, following bonuses can be used to increase the effect of training:

  • Natural enemy bonus: if country of your citizenship has natural enemy, +0.5 points of strength
  • Friend bonus: if you have 2 invited friends alive, +0.5 points of strength for each friend (2 friends = +1)

The theoretical maximum amount of strength citizen can get every day is 25 (trains in every building, has 2 alive friends, citizenship country has natural enemy and takes the daily tasks reward).


  • Q: How many times can I train in one day?
    • A: Maximum of 4 times, once in each training facility.
  • Q: How can I build my training buildings?
    • A: You could see a plus icon on the training grounds page, click there and build what you like.
  • Q: Can I buy multiple training buildings that are the same?
    • A: No you can't.
  • Q: Does the natural enemy or Friends bonus apply to the new buildings?
    • A: No, they only apply to the free training fields.
  • Q: How much energy do I lose from training on the new buildings?
    • A: 10
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