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Nationality Flag-UK.jpg British
National rank 76
Date of birth feb22nd 2009
Residence London
Sex M
Political party Radical Freethinkers Alliance
Newspaper The Burning Echo
Radical Freethinkers Alliance
Military rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


firejon is the current PP of The Radical Freethinkers Alliance

Firejon is a British citizen currently living in London. He has been an erepublik member since the 22nd Feb 2009. After a month or so of working and building up to buy a company he started out his erepublik political life by joining up to The Radical Freethinkers Alliance after a recruitment drive from then PP Goku Jones.

Politically firejon has not managed to achieved his dreams yet, mainly because to his own lack of being able to commit to the amount of time needed to be a success in the political world of erepublik. He however has always been a regular figure in the RFA forums and can be seen on the IRC from time to time.

Recently with the attempted closing of The RFA firejon has for the last 2 months been heavily involved in keeping The RFA going and is one of the few long term members refusing to let it die.

Fighting on in the true spirit of The RFA.

Radical Freethinkers Alliance

Firejon first company was a Icon-UK.png UK grain company in a poor grain region. Most companies would have failed under these conditions but he managed to buy a license for the company to sell in India where grain was hard to come by at the time and managed to work at a profit. His main aim at this time was to provide a company which would only employ RFA members to create unity in the party. He ran many competitions for his staff with profits as the prize.

This company was sold on because of it being in a low grain region and a gun company was purchased in its place. Slowly over time it has been upgraded and when V2 of erepublik came in it was changed over to a tank company and currently stands at a q3 level.

  • still learing with the wiki


Worked 30 days in a row Hard Worker (x17)
Advanced 5 strength levels Super Soldier (x6)
Icon achievement battlehero on.gif Battle Hero (x2)