Gilles Garnier

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Gilles Garnier

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Nationality Flag-Canada.jpg Canadian
National rank 233
Date of birth October 4 2008
Residence Quebec
Sex Male
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel.png Lt Colonel
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Who is Gilles Garnier ?

Gilles Garnier was born on the 350 Erepublik day.
Born in Canada, he was a young but bright man that aspired to make his place throughout the eWorld.

The Spaniard period

When Gilles understood more of the eWorld economy, he saw that in his own country, eCanada,he was no more of what they called "Cheap labour". Revolted and in quest for prosperity he moved into,what used to be the great and rich country of Spain where he found multiple great jobs permitting him to build a gold stash that he could later use to buy his future company. Meantime while working, Gilles thought that he could use some muscles and this is when Gilles began training and fighting the multiple Spanish inquisition wars at the same time. Thus gaining Experience points at a gargantuan rate. With its gold stash building up, he began to make investments by lending it to people that were in need.

While Gilles was making enough money to survive and lend it, he wanted more, with the help of the money market, he understood that Spain was in decline and in the same time saw an opportunity. He bought a moving ticket and moved to the newly created Chile, where he would meet up with a long time friend for the first time since he had moved to Spain.

Chile = Opportunity ?

Right when he arrived on the new land, he began studying how company worked and what would be more useful in this baby country. At first, he thought that food would be a rational choice because every country needs food to live but the market was already submerged with it, making him change from Manufacturing to Raw materials, food to wood. He explained all his plain to his afford mentioned friend, Psykedelickz, he accepted and that's when Gilles began working on a solid contract, a joint venture. After the contract was completed, agreed upon and signed, the Unoriginal inc organisation was founded and not long after the wood company: Maderas del nuevo mundo. Gilles would then assign Psykedelickz to the main direction of the company and then he finally took off to Romania.

Romania:Lands of the riches

Gilles knew that Romania was just what he needed, it was always on war and it had big wages (sometime big as 1 gold a day !). While in Romania, Gilles muscles were growing and always he was fighting restlessly with his bare fist. His gold stash quickly expanded and he began buying Q1 weapons while dealing at least 300 damages in a single fight. It was a little step for Romania but a big step for him.
The Joint venture established with Psykedelickz became bigger as we invited another member in, at first it was great, but soon Gilles would find that Citizen November-Kilo was abrupt and careless and was thus expelled from the venture. Romania became the home of Gilles for the next 2 months, but then when all was seemingly going well, Romania began downward spiralling. With Romania losing their precious High valued regions it became clear that they would fall taking with them ATLANTIS.

Gilles felt that Romania was not a great place to live anymore and decided that he would go to Canada

Canada:Back to the good ol' days

Now more then ever he feels he should root himself and feel more prepared to take on a political charge on his, now larger, shoulders. Will they simply let him back even thought he was naturalized as a foreigner, even though he didn't care at the time?

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