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Gold mine is a quantity of gold won by countries in a tournament.
The initial amount of gold in mines varies according to the tournament; this amount is directly distributed to active citizens of the country gold mine is in.


Gold mines were introduced in Day 1,949 when the Gold mine competition was announced. The tournament consisted in five damage contest, one for every continent (Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Oceania): winning countries would have been rewarded with a 100,000 gold mine.


The amount of gold left in gold mine is shown as percentage; the effective Golds have to be calculated by knowing the original amount of gold.

Once a country is awarded with a gold mine, it will be usually automatically deployed in its historical capital.
Gold mines will appear on the country page of the country: from here you can check the Gold remaining in the Mine. The same information is available on the page of the regions with a Gold Mine
Gold mines will be visible on the map, with 3 different icons depending on the remaining deposit of Gold in the Mine.

Exploring a gold mine

Gold mine exploring can be performed by citizens in My places page.

A citizen with experience level 22 or above can explore the mine if its citizenship country has a region with a Gold mine. Gold mines can be explored daily, with the cost of only 10 Energy, by going to “My places” page.
In “My places” there will be an “Explore” button which can be used once a day. After using it, the citizen receives a variable sum of Gold, between Icon-gold.gif 0.3 GOLD and Icon-gold.gif 40 GOLD.
When a citizen explores the Gold Mine, the amount of Gold he receives is withdrawn from the Gold Mine deposit; moreover, the country receives Icon-gold.gif 0.1 GOLD for every exploration, no matter what the citizen received. The sum that goes to the country is withdrawn from the Gold mine deposit too.

Gold mine reward.png

If a country owns two or more Gold Mines, the deposit of the Gold Mines is cumulated and every region will be listed in country's Economy page; in this case, the Gold withdrawn at each exploration is equally divided between the Gold mines owned by the country.
The amount received by the citizens and the countries at each exploration is not influenced by the number of Mines owned.

A gold mine in region page.


  • Regions with Gold mines can be attacked directly via airstrike, just like any other region (as long as the conditions for launching the airstrike are met).
  • Gold mines can be explored even if there is no transport route to the capital.

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