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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth 16 April 2009 - Day 513
Date of death 2010
Residence Florida, USA
Sex Male
Military rank Icon rank Major*.png Major*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Jarrell was born in North Dakota, USA and after a brief run for Congress, moved to Florida and later to California.

Military Career

Jarrell has spent his entire eligible life as a citizen of The New World serving his country in the United States Military. He has served in many battles against Russia, Ireland, Baja and France. He has also helped defend America's allies from attacks from such countries in the past. In July of 2009 he helped defend Alaska, USA and Canada from attacks by Russia and France. He also has participated in battles in Utah, Washington and Manitoba during this confrontation.

Political Career

Early on Jarrell tried his hand at politics. He decided that joining the United States Workers Party (USWP) along with most other US Citizens, would be his best bet, but after a conflict of interest in the Congressional scene in Florida Jarrell moved back to North Dakota for a run at Congress for the Democratic 3rd Party. After the election was over and Jarrell stood exactly where he had been weeks before, Jarrell opted out of politics and moved back to Florida and has re-prioritized, focusing more on The Lickamai Post.

In July of 2009, he again ran for Congress in the state of Florida for the Socialist Freedom Party. After that too failed, he decided to take a more serious approach to the politics of The New World.

In September of 2009, Jarrell submitted his candidature for Congress in Florida for the United Independents Party. Again he didn't managed to enter the Congress.

Political Beliefs

Believing in strong bonds of brotherhood and family, Jarrell stands strong for the United Independents Party and what they believe in. In mid-September, while campaigning for his Congress run, Jarrell was quoted, "I know it's not plausible for everyone to see eye to eye all the time, and that can put a kink in the chain when it comes to getting things done effectively and efficiently, but with the belief that we are all equal, we are all citizens of The New World, we can accomplish anything."

The Lickamai Post

Jarrel is the creator and Editor-in-Chief of The Lickamai Post, which started out as a pro-government newspaper, but has since chosen a neutral side, reporting stories from both sides of the coin. During the second term of then-President scrabman, the Fighting-United Coalition of Kinsmen began running ads in The Lickamai Post. Jarrell has neither confirmed nor denied any involvement with the Coalition, but has indeed continued to allow their ads to be run.

The Lickamai Post (The Post) began as a small publication, reporting on activities from all across The New World. During the conflict with Russia, however, The Post has taken a more political stance in the world, reporting on everything from the actions of the President to the struggling economy. The Lickamai Post gives it's readers the most unbiased newspaper in The New World, and continues to inspire new people everyday. In mid-July 2009, The Post nearly closed down all production when an ad for The Coalition was run that sparked a hailstorm of hateful posts. Both The Coalition and The Post have since retracted their statements and are working hard to recover the trust of their supporters.