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I, Jamesw, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, hereby appoint John Bartlett, Officer of the Order of the British eRepublik Empire, as conferred by the United Kingdom Honours Committee.
Previously conferred: MBE, presented by Karacticus

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Dead citizen

John Bartlett

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Nationality Flag-France.png French
Date of birth Day 503
Date of death Unknown
Residence West Midlands, died in Paris Isle of France
23rd President of The United Kingdom
6th August 2010 – 23rd August 2010
Preceded by Iain Keers
Succeeded by Jamesw
Minister of Information and Education of UK
7th September 2009 – 25th September 2009
Preceded by Scipio The Great
Minister of Legislative Affairs of UK
25th September 2009 – 8th December 2009
Succeeded by GGRyan
Military rank Icon rank Colonel***.png Colonel***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

John Bartlett is a citizen of the UK. He has previously been a congressman, an ambassador and a minister. In August 2010 he was elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.


Political career

John Bartlett was born on Day 503 of the New World. He soon became a member of the Radical Freethinkers Alliance. In June 2009 Bartlett ran for and won a seat in Congress for the East of England. In September 2009 Bartlett became Minister of Information and Education under GLaDOS, a post he held for less than a month, until it was abolished. He then became the first Minister of Legislative Affairs and stood in this position until December.

He later left RFA for People's Communist Party.

Ambassador career

In July 2009 Bartlett joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs becoming both an apprentice and the UK ambassador to Canada. In September he became UK ambassador to the ALA under the Minister of Foreign Affairs Michael Collins.


In April 2010 John ran for president for the first time. Although a member of the One Of Its Kind party, the candidacy was supported by PCP so JB got over 20% of votes and finished third. He didn't run again until August, when he was supported by four out of six biggest parties (PCP, RFA, UKRP and TRD). He held a small but steady lead over his main rival jamesw throughout the voting day and became the first PCP president since Kumnaa 14 months earlier.

During JB's first day as president, his account was hacked and a lot of battles were started. This prompted jamesw to start an impeachment vote. It soon became clear, though, that his was not a ragequit but an actual hack (when other presidents started behaving similarly). jamesw issued an apology and JB announced that jamesw did what he thought was best for the country at the moment. Hacker actions were reverted. On the 23rd August, John Bartlett's resignation was confirmed after the requested impeachment was passed.


Government offices
Preceded by
Iain Keers
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
6th - 23rd August, 2010 (1st Term)
Succeeded by