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Nationality Flag-Spain.jpg Spanish
National rank 961
Date of birth Nov 02, 2010
Residence Andalucia
Sex Male
Political party Frente Patriota
Married to
(congaa – )
Children Davidaguaja7
Newspaper Diario eEspañol
Congressman of Castilla y León
Marzo – Abril 2011
Party president of Frente Patriota
Abril – Junio 2011
Preceded by JacoboMola
Succeeded by Spanish Power
Rank Icon rank General.png General

Icon achievement hardworker on.gif 9x Hard Worker
Icon achievement congressman on.gif 2x Congress member.
Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif 13x Super Soldier.


He was born on day 1078 of the New World, although he had already played the game before. Soon after, NEL joined, but left after 2 months, since in the not paint anything. I had no game, he started looking for another game that join. Jumped almost 1 month searching and checking 1 to 1 every game, until one day, gave me the most convincing, the Patriotic Front. That same day, is present in your forum, and a week later he was appointed Secretary of Social Affairs. Therefore, assumed responsibility for the Spanish Action Foundation (which was dead). Gradually, with the help of members, was making money and starting to help those in need. Soon, was presented to Congress. The square was ceded by NEL, in Castilla y Leon. A few months later became President of the Patriotic Front for 2 consecutive legislatures. After failing to appear at the next election to the presidency of the party, decided to present to Congressman. This once again presented by NEL in the Balearic Islands, where he again elected. During his 2nd term as president of the FP, signed the merger of the Militia "Legion Plus Ultra" and "Black Brigade", thus creating the "Legion Patriot", the militia was General for 3 months and then commander under the Grassman Manteco control. For the 3rd time was presented to the Patriot front office (and regained), but this time they had together with tefocka.

On his third attempt to present to Congress, met with the NEL of ketoner TOveo because it could not presenntarse.