Ministerul Apararii

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Ministerul Apărării Naţionale

Ministerul Apararii.png

General Information
Country RomaniaRomania
Headquarters Flag-Romania.jpg Muntenia
Newspaper Ministerul Apărării
Part of Romania
Type Ministry
Minister of Defence maryostyle

Logo MApN.png

Ministerul Apararii.png Ministry of Defence (Romanian : Ministerul Apărării - abreviation : MA or MApN) is the government department responsible for implementation of government defence policy.


The Minister of Defence is in charge of the strategic direction of the Flag-Romania.jpg Romania.
The Minister will set the orders for the day with accordance to the alliance guidance and in conjunction with the Country president.png Country President.
The Minister must attend all talks on military intelligence and be available for talks on future MPP’s.
The Minister must have an active knowledge of the Romanian military and our current relations with other countries.
The Minister will regularly update and maintain the newspaper Ministerul Apararii.png Ministerul Apărării with battle orders.

Ministers of Defence

This is the list of Ministerul Apararii.png Ministers of Defence of Flag-Romania.jpg Romania :

Place in time Minister Party
2013 - January Nemesisbig.jpg Rondy Rondy Party-eLegiunea Arhanghelului Mihail.jpg eLegiunea Arhanghelului Mihail
2013 - February Dracones Avatar.jpg belzebut cel crunt Party-Brainstorming Party.jpg eRomanian Brainstorming Party
2013 - March Citizen2715748.jpg dsturzoiu The Matza Party.jpg The Matza Party
2013 - April Citizen4685406.jpg elbandido Independent
2013 - May Nemesisbig.jpg Rondy Rondy Party-eLegiunea Arhanghelului Mihail.jpg eLegiunea Arhanghelului Mihail
2013 - June Citizen4204036.jpg costin1989 ALIANTA.jpg ALIANTA
2013 - July LU-Uniforma pt. baieti.jpg Comisarul Moldovan Independent
2013 - August Templierii.jpg MugurCosmin Templierii.jpg Templierii
2013 - September Black Eagle Avatar.jpg maryostyle Party-Brainstorming Party.jpg eRomanian Brainstorming Party

Romanian Army

Army Name Logo Established Founder(s) Organization Newspaper
Garda Nationala
National Guard
Romanian National Guard Avatar.jpg 4 February 2008 Cristi Badea Garda Nationala Observatorul Militar
Fortele Aeriene Romane
Romanian Aerial Forces
Fb1456556cb037fb129ab669d9df9944.jpg 2nd May 2008 Shadow Figure Fortele Aeriene Romane Telegrame de pe front
Soimii Patriei
Homeland Falcons
Soimii Patriei.jpg 28 August 2008 (day 282) MihaiD Soimii.Patriei SP Chronicles
Vanatorii de Munte
Mountain Hunters
Mountain Hunters Avatar.jpg october 2008 Han Solo, MickeyD Batalionul Vanatorii de Munte Vanatorii de Munte
Black Cat Commando Black Cat Commando Avatar.jpg 2009 oarecare Black Cat Commando BCC Report
Praetorian Guard Praetorian Guard v2.jpg February 17, 2009 Cipax23 Praetorian Guard Org Jurnal Praetorian
Dracones Dracones Avatar.jpg March 11, 2009 smif, Piratul, spirachedanutz Dracones Armada Dracones News
Vulturul Negru
Black Eagle
Black Eagle Avatar.jpg May 2009 Avalone, Paul T. Craciunescu Vulturul Negru Vulturul Negru
Fortele Speciale Romane
Romanian Special Forces
Romanian Special Forces Avatar.jpg 2009 humulus Fortele Speciale Romane Fortele Speciale Romane
Bratul de Fier
Iron Hand
Bratul de Fier.jpg 30th of August, 2009 Dragon73 Bratul de Fier Not Available
Gryphon Power Soldiers Gryphon Power Soldiers.png 3th January 2010 N/A Gryphons'Power Gryphons'Power
AIR-Tanks Air Tanks.jpg 17 February 2010 (Day 817) Not Available AIR Tanks AIR-Tanks Newspaper
Semper Pro Patria
Semper Pro Patria
Spp.jpg 19'th May 2010 Fedor DSD Semper Pro Patria Semper Pro Patria
75px September 15, 2010 uxini Nemesis1/Nemesis2 Official Nemesis Stats
Ordinul Dragonului OD.jpg 24th November 2010 (Day 1101) Mer_Lin Ordinul Dragonului Intoarcerea Dragonilor
Haiducii.jpg 1 March 2011 ardei9 Haiducii Public Press
Templierii.jpg 12th May 2011 Equimanthorn Templierii Templieri
Legiunea Umbrelor
Shadow Legion
LegiuneaUmbrelor.jpg 17 March 2011 Radu Pangaiu Legiunea Umbrelor Legiunea Umbrelor Stats
Lupii Negri
Black Wolfs
Lupii Negr1.jpg 1 June 2011 Sebastian Domsa Lupii Negri Informatia Saptamanii]
Fortele Terestre Romane
Romanian Land Forces
FTR.jpg 2011 EXX3 Fortele Terestre Romane Noutatile FTR
Unitatea Civila Romana
Romanian Civil Army
UCR.jpg 2011 Fremenul Unitatea Civilă Română N/A
Garda de Fier - eLAM
The Iron Guard - eLAM
GDF-eLAM.jpg 7 January 2012 Exploit detected, FreeGigi, LUC DA, Valahian Garda de Fier - eLAM Buna Vestire
Nemesis Galaxy
Nemesisbig.jpg April 5th, 2012 Treplev Nemesis Galaxy Nemesis Galaxy Journal
Romania Unita
United Romania
RU.jpg April 5th, 2012 Gicutza Ciufu Romania Unita N/A
Crusaders.jpg 29th July 2012 Cruciatu Romania Unita N/A
HAVOC OPS.jpg 2013 Slevin07 HAVOC OPS N/A

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