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Icon-Philippines.png Philippines

Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of Luzon
Map of the region
Capital Quezon City
Language Tagalog, English
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Luzon (simplified Chinese: 吕宋), formerly known as Nueva Castilla (English: New Castille, simplified Chinese: 新卡斯提尔), is the largest and most politically important island in the Philippines. Manila which is the capital city of Philippines, is located in Luzon. Luzon's capital city is Quezon City.

Luzon came from the Chinese name Lusongguo, or the Lesser Song Kingdom, since Chinese traders only began large scale trade with Luzon during the Song Dynasty. The Portuguese adopted Lusongguo, naming the island Luscon. In Indonesia, Luzon was known as Ludong.

History of Luzon

Luzon was once occupied by USA after it prevented a Serbian political take-over in March 25, 2010.

Also, it previously have a Q1 Defense System and Hospital. It got destroyed after China occupied the region, preventing an organized political take-over of the 4channers. 4channers are internet game raiders that had once have politically taken-over South Africa and hacked their President's account and the South African national forums.

House of Luzon Seal

Royal House of Luzon

On 4 January 2013, the Philippine Government established the Monarchy with Kadayao of the Royal House of Palawan crowned as the Monarch on 11 January 2013. The Royal House of Luzon is one of the four houses of the monarchy, which had six members out of fifteen in the whole country. The first Grand Duke of Luzon was Lacon Yan, who defeated Al Raposas during an in-house elections.

On 17 March 2013, with the help of Grand Duke Boy Pick Up of Visayas, Lacon Yan revealed the Royal Seal of Luzon to the Royal Family.


Skyline of Manila City, the capital of the Philippines.
Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City, the capital and largest city of Luzon.

Luzon is neighbored by following regions: