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Nationality Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish
National rank 64
Date of birth 532 of the New World
Residence Icon-USA.png USA, New York
Sex Male
Political party The Labour Party
President of Ireland
November 2010 – November 2010
Preceded by Connell Rath
Succeeded by moomoohead
Minister of Finance of Ireland
Jan2010 – -
Preceded by Dubhthaigh
Party president of Irish Republican Party
September 2009 – Oct 2009
15th May 2010 –
Preceded by Mr Ginge
Military unit Labour's Army
Position 2nd Commander
Military rank Icon rank God of War.png God of War
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

The Beginning

orangejuicemmm began his eLife as a bored teenager, browsing the internet, oblivious to its assets and realms within. At the peak of his boredom he came across another, gaming site when an Advertisement caught his eye. He followed the link and through it lay eRepublik. He took no notice of it and figured it would be another game that he would ultimately lose interest in, This was not to be.

His first impressions of the game were poor, he was bored after 5 minutes of "play" (clicking). He wasn't contacted nor made aware of anything on his first Log in. So he went in search for answers himself. He contacted an author of a Guide he seen in the "News", his name was Vyse. He only stayed in contact with vyse for a short period as he was banned for Account sitting. As time grew on he managed to meet others on his travels and soon found out Vyse was some sort of national hero.

The next few days of his existence have been lost in and scholars still search for documents relating to this time, but they seem to be lost for ever. But then out of nowhere orange pops back up in a visit to IRC a New program never seen before in the Orange Household. It was a strange and unusual experience for Orange, upon his entrance of the Chatroom he was bombarded by Slime by one known as Mannimarco, a rogue in the eIrish Society. It was all in good fun and he had gained vast amount of knowledge from this encounter. eRep seemed to be buried deeper than a few clicks a day he experienced new people and new ways of eLife. Soon joining the IUP, he was the young and new little about politics in both RL and eRep so the largest party seemed the logical choice.

After another couple of slime filled visits to IRC, he was approached by Bryan O Shea to join Irelands first party. His intentions seemed friendly enough till orange realised he was solely recruited for the purpose of a vote in the up and coming Party president elections. This did not deter orange and still voted for the seemingly friendly character.


It must be said that orange, is less than keen on the political side of eIreland. He believes in country not party, person not level. Yet, this did not stop him in the creation of the Irish Republican Party along with fellow Irishman Padraig Pearse, another rogue in Ireland, this was to be his Baby, He recruited relentlessly, got the forums active and helped new citizens joining the party. He recruited 4 or 5 prominent members of eIrish society best known would Be Biffo3000, JohnSmith 2k9 and don.squire, Three of them holding ministerial positions in Ireland.

eIrish Republican Party

After its creation, orange won the PP elections in September. Then tragedy hit, Co founder Padraig_Pearse and Orange had a disagreement and Padriag (being the PP at the time) banned orange and other members from the Party Forum. The party then went into a spiral; orange left along with several others. Don.squire tryed to bring back the party but it was too late. He had to quit as it was hopeless.

Browsing the scary world of politics

Orange began searching his true Ideology but has yet to succeed. He settled in Saoirse for a month and abit winning the congress elections twice thanks to the PP Biffo3000. He got active on the forums only to find they wern't active themselves and lost interest.

He was then approached by a former party member, colleague and friend Pip Kelly to join the Irish Radical Party in the hope of bringing the Game back to Ireland. Pip had been in contact with orange since his joining of the party Irelands First (Pip beat Bryan in the elections) he became friends with Pip over the forum and then became Pips deputy when he was Minister of Industry and so he opted to join the Party as it was his goal also to bring back fun to eIreland.

The Labour Party

After leaving the IRP and Saoirse orange was lost again. He was alone in the eIrish political scene until he became friends irishbhoy1967. A newish citizen in Ireland with strong socialist beliefs and member of The Labor Party. He came to orangejuice looking for advice and help as his party had been PTO'd and had hugely damaged IB's drive for this game. He joined and helped IB bring the party back, but only for a short while. He then decided to fully devote himself to the Labour cause and have been active ever since. Participating in many party functions.

Another big moment for orange was when he ran for Labors CP Candidate, He ran against Glorious Connoly and Mannimarco. The vote ended in a tie with GC and Orange both having 8 votes. Manni then pulled out of the race to leave GC and Orange fight over the position. As this is written the vote is 7 to orangejuice and 5 to GC.


Orange has been influenced greatly by the people of eIreland, some he has became very friendly with other he has not had any contact with.

Mannimarco: Manni has been a friend of Oranges since the beginning on that first IRC visit. Manni has brought alot of fun to the game and abit of a laugh, Orange remained his friend when the rest of eIreland treated him as an outcast after a certain run in with eIreland law.

Padraig_Pearse: An old friend of oranges, unfortunately it was severed due to money. Padraig, was the Co founder and the pocket behind the eIRP, worked hard and recruited members also, winning the PP elections over orange. PP is a known scammer throughout the eWorld and from it gained a fortune, the eIRP would be nothing without Padraig.

Brian Boru: Brian was oranges boss per se for two terms in MoI and MoF when they were one. Orange worked with and helped Brian for that term. Nearing the end Brian began his famous "joke revolution" which cause outraged in the public, it was viewed as an act of bitterness as he had lost the CP elections a day earlier. His reason was that he was going inactive as he had school soon realising he would not be as busy as he thought returned to eRepublik an outcast and untrusted. Yet even after this it was Brian who got Orange interested in the MoF.

Appleman: Appleman, an entrepreneur in Ireland, owning and running AX Group which orange is invested in. They became friends over IRC, apple helping orange with companies of his own and helping him understand the world of economics, He is now Co minsiter of Finance with orange and they both have brought the Q5 weapons company to fluition, He was also President of Ireland for one term and led it well.

Dubhtaigh: Dubby as orange calls him is one of Oranges best friends in eIreland, orange served as Deputy to Dubhtaigh in his last term as MoF and Dubh was also huge help to orange when he was still a noob at eRep economics, helping him understand and use it.

5n4keys: 5n4keys is one of the oldest eIrish citizen, and a friend to Oranges. Orange and 5n4keys became friends over IRC, from nothingness. It was a random friendship but a good one. 5n4keys helped orange with his newly set up company. Working very cheaply this soon led to them entering a business together, SO Org. It is still in operation to this day.


So after awhile Orange spontaneously proposed to Theus Jackus on Irelands national chat room, they were in love....for 5 mins untill Theus declared he wanted an eAnnulement...this was hard for Orange but he later got over it and became a Q5 prostitute.

Then, In another IRC conversation, Niall h proposed to him and they are now happily wed,

Irish Citizen Army

The Irish Citizen Army was the most influential and valued thing in all of eRepublik to orangejuicemmm.