Partido Republicano

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Partido Republicano

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General Information
Country Flag-Argentina.jpg Argentina
Abbreviation PR
Forum [1]
Colors Orange
Founded June 2008
President Hildebrant
Members 243
Congress Occupancy 6/40 seats, 20%
Succeeds Argentinian Nationalist Party
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

The Partido Republicano (Republican Party in Spanish) is a major political party in Argentina. It is the only party with right ideologies in Argentina, and holds enough members to make it the first largest party in the country. The Partido Republicano is a member of the Universal Party of the Right.

Its current Party President is Jose Miguel.


The Partido Republicano was founded by United Kingdom immigrants as the Partido Nacionalista Argentino/Argentinian Nationalist Party back in BETA. hSeldon took over the party and changed its name to Partido Republicano Argentino.

Later, Templario reformed the party, creating the actual logo and bases and the Partido Republicano name. However, Templario had to left the game, so Jose Miguel, with only 15 days of life was called by Templario to take the role of party president. Jose Miguel changed the party's ideologies from Far-Right to Center-Right.

Pedro Alejandro Pereyra won the party elections in July and was re-elected in August, during this period the PR moderated more its position in politics and continued growing, however the Progressive Left became the second party, bringing an end to the former democrat-republican bipartidism.

After the second period of Pedro, Fedegen won the presidency two times, returning to a more conservative point of view in the party, but continuing with the center-right politics. The party grew in activity during these presidencies.

Also, between Jose Miguel's and Fedegen's presidencies, the PR merged with some members of the Far-Right Argentinian Nationalist Party, increasing the number of far-right members of the PR and giving more variety to the party.

November of 2008 was a very difficult period for the party, Juan Ameri, a relatively new member to the party, who came from the Progressive Left claiming that his former party's ideals weren't similar to his own, won the party elections. The party then suffered an internal crisis, with a party president that allied with far-right politicians to win elections, division between party members, polarization between centrists and extremists.

But the problems increased with December's elections. Ameri didn't wanted Jose Miguel to win, because he believed that it would mean the "personalization" of PR in a small group of people (Jose Miguel, Fedegen, Pedro Alejandro Pereyra), so he tried to make a paramilitary group, formed by him, a centrist member called Payta and a far-right member called Yanka. The last one left the party because he felt bad there, Payta told everything to the other members of the party.

Ameri then joined Matipunx (Moderate-Far-Right) to run for the elections, Ameri also told Payta that he was supporting Matipunx because he believed that if Matipunx won, Jose Miguel and Fedegen would be politically dead and Matipunx wouldn't have sufficient time for his presidency so Ameri would became the hero of the PR.

Ameri's plans never gave result, Payta told Jose Miguel about Ameri's plans, then Jose Miguel and the other two candidates: Matipunx and Sonata, made a pact to not allow Ameri continue growing politically and avoid giving him power, granting the party's safety as a political and democratic organization.

Jose Miguel won the elections, creating the Universal Party of the Right along with PRB and PDV's party presidents. The party's forum was changed.

Irenfrea was the first party president (not counting Juan Ameri) that wasn't one of the oldest generation of republicans, because Templario, Jose Miguel, Pedro Alejandro Pereyra and Fedegen had been members since the first two months of the party. Later, he became Country President, but renounced because he had problems in RL. During his party presidency the party grew to become country's first party and obtain the government.

Party President Lists

  • Abril - Mayo 2008: hSeldon (Partido Republicano Argentino) (Far-Right)
  • Mayo - Junio 2008: Templario (Partido Republicano) (Far-Right)
  • Junio - Julio 2008: Templario (Far-Right)
  • Julio 2008: Jose Miguel (Center-Right)
  • Julio - Agosto 2008: Pedro Alejandro Pereyra (Center-Right)
  • Agosto - Septiembre 2008: Pedro Alejandro Pereyra (Center-Right)
  • Septiembre - Octubre 2008: Fedegen (Moderate Far-Right)
  • Octubre - Noviembre 2008: Fedegen (Moderate Far-Right)
  • Noviembre - Diciembre 2008: Juan Ameri (Center-Right)
  • Diciembre - Enero 2009: Jose Miguel (Center-Right)
  • Enero - Febrero 2009: Irenfrea (Center-Right)
  • Febrero - Marzo 2009: Irenfrea (Center-Right)
  • Marzo - Abril 2009: Jose Miguel (Center-Right)
  • Abril - Mayo 2009: laker (Center-Right)
  • Mayo - Junio 2009: laker (Center-Right)
  • Junio - Julio 2009: Fedegen (Moderate Far-Right)
  • Julio - Agosto 2009: Hildebrant (Center-Right)
  • Agosto - Septiembre 2009: Matipunx (Far-Right)
  • Septiembre - Octubre 2009: Matipunx (Far-Right)
  • Octubre - Noviembre 2009: Richtofen (Far-Right)
  • Noviembre - Diciembre 2009: Hildebrant (Center-Right)
  • Diciembre - Enero 2009-2010: FlorenciaC (Center-Right)
  • Enero - Febrero 2010: timonlb (Center-Right)
  • Febrero - Marzo 2010: FlorenciaC (Center-Right)
  • Marzo - Abril 2010: Matias Hassan (Center-Right) Hildebrant (Center Right)
  • Abril - Mayo 2010: Hildebrant (Center-Right)


PR supported PDRA's candidate Pier to the presidency of Argentina.

PR allied with PDRA and MAS to support Siddy to the presidency of Argentina.

PR allied with MAS to support Republican candidate Irenfrea to the presidency of Argentina.

Partido Republicano allied with UMA, SM, PDRA, PCA and PRO, in order to support Partido Republicano´s candidate MarianoMedina2.

Partido Republicano allied with UMA, SM and PCA In order to support Partido Republicano's Candidate FlorenciaC

Presidents Elected


Month Elected President Party
June 2008 Pier Partido Demócrata de la República Argentina
July 2008 Pier Partido Demócrata de la República Argentina
December 2008 Siddy Movimiento Americano Social
January 2009 Siddy Partido Demócrata de la República Argentina
March 2009 Irenfrea Partido Republicano
July 2009 Fedegen Partido Republicano
February 2010 Marianomedina2 Partido Republicano
May 2010 FlorenciaC Partido Republicano