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Flag of Argentina   Coat of Arms of Argentina

On the map

General Rank 4
Motto In Roto We Trust
Language Spanish, English
Population 3989
Capital Mesopotamia
Current President Felpudon
Political Party PATRIA GRANDE
Currency Flag-Argentina.jpg Argentine Peso (ARS)
Minimum salary Flag-Argentina.jpg 1 ARS
Average salary Flag-Argentina.jpg 27.64 ARS
Food bonus 100%
Weapon bonus 100%
Territories 26

Map of Argentina

Last update April 26th, 2015

Argentina is a nation in South America.



The original territory of Argentina is composed of several regions: Argentine Northwest (occupied by Icon-Chile.png), Cuyo (occupied by Icon-Chile.png), MesopotamiaPampas (occupied by Icon-Croatia.png), Patagonia (occupied by Icon-Peru.png), and South East Chaco.

Its current territories are listed below:

Original Owner Resource Map
Mesopotamia Icon-capital.gif Icon-Argentina.png Icon - Aluminum.png Aluminum Icon allcountries.gif South East Chaco Icon-Argentina.png Icon - Wood.png Wood Icon allcountries.gif

Argentina once had a massive empire that spanned the entire west of South America, but eventually lost it all due to an invasion by Peru. However, after Chile conquered Peru, the Argentines were able to rebuild their South American empire.


The official language of Argentina is Spanish.


Population chart from 2008

During Beta, Argentina managed to multiply their population rapidly to 1000 people. In 2009 and 2010 the population was slowly growing until it established itself with the number between 3000 and 3500 citizens in 2011.



Product Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Q3.png Food 5% 99% 3%
Icon - Weapon Q2.png Weapon 5% 99% 3%
Icon - Food Raw Materials.png Food raw material 5% 60% -
Icon - Weapon Raw Materials.png Weapon raw material 5% 60% -
Icon - House Raw Materials.png House raw material 5% 1% -
Product Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Moving ticket Q3.png Tickets 5% 1% 1%
Icon - House Q3.png Houses 5% 60% 1%
Icon - Hospital Q3.png Hospitals 5% 1% 1%
Icon - Defense system Q3.png Defense system 5% 1% 1%

Updated: April 26, 2015

Country Trading Embargoes

Argentina has the following trade embargoes:

  • Icon-Poland.png Poland, expires May 11, 2014


Constitution of Argentina

Icon position party president.gif Political Parties

The following lists the biggest political parties in Argentina (more then 100 members), and the actual distribution of the Congress within them:

Rank Logo Party In English Abb Party President Economical Orientation Social Orientation Congress Seats Total Members
1 Party-Union Militar Argentina.jpg Union Militar Argentina Argentina Military Union UMA pacifyer Far-Right Authoritarian 13 423
2 Party-Bloque Socialista.jpg Bloque Socialista Socialist Bloc BS ManuArgento Far-Left Libertarian 11 228
3 Party-Progreso eArgentino.jpg Progreso Argentino Argentinian Progress PA el PAchi Center / 6 228
4 Default party logo.gif Logia de Roto Gabriel Pelegrina Center Libertarian 4 179
5 Default party logo.gif PATRIA GRANDE BIG PARTY GPS Cristian Portillo Center-Left 4 167
6 Party-Guerrilla Polemica y Sensual.jpg Guerrilla Polemica y Sensual Controversial and Sensual Guerrilla GPS mistiko_1972 Center-Left Anarchist 0 156

Historical Political Parties

See Also: Historical Parties of Argentina.

  • Partido Imperialistah
  • Partido Argentina Prevalece
  • Argentinian Nationalist Party I
  • Argentinian Nationalist Party II
  • Partido Socialista Argentino
  • Movimiento Popular Argentino
  • Unión Boliviana
  • Partido Republicano Argentino
  • Iniciativa por Argentina los Verdes I
  • Iniciativa por Argentina los Verdes II
  • Unión Argentina
  • Partido Bolchevique Argentino

Presidents of The Argentina

Flag-Argentina.jpg Presidents of the Argentina Flag-Argentina.jpg
President Party Tenure Comments
1 Citizen751.jpg Siddy PI 6 December 2007 5 January 2008 first president of the Argentina
2 Citizen751.jpg Siddy PI 6 January 2008 5 February 2008 second consecutive term
3 Citizen801.jpg Joimzhando PAP 6 February 2008 5 March 2008 first term
4 Citizen801.jpg Joimzhando PAP 6 March 2008 5 April 2008 second consecutive term
5 Citizen139911.jpg Juan Ignacio PDRA 6 April 2008 5 May 2008 first term
6 Citizen139911.jpg Juan Ignacio PDRA 6 May 2008 5 June 2008 second consecutive term
7 Citizen142601.png Pier PDRA 6 June 2008 5 July 2008 first term
8 Citizen142601.png Pier PDRA 6 July 2008 5 August 2008 second consecutive term
9 Citizen312871.jpg Pechorin IP 6 August 2008 5 September 2008 first term
10 Citizen364022.jpg Pechorin IP 6 September 2008 5 October 2008 first term
11 Citizen112602.png kurtkbain PSA 6 October 2008 5 November 2008 first term
12 Citizen751.jpg Siddy MAS 6 November 2007 5 December 2008 third tern
13 Citizen751.jpg Siddy MAS 6 December 2008 5 January 2009 fourth term
second consecutive term
14 Citizen751.jpg Siddy PDRA 6 January 2009 5 February 2009 fifth term
third consecutive term
15 Citizen474211.png T IP 6 February 2009 5 March 2009 first term
16 Citizen1199319.jpg Irenfrea PR 6 March 2009 5 April 2009 first term
17 Dajuliani.jpg Dajuliani ISD 6 April 2009 5 May 2009 first term
18 80px Reina Borg PE 6 May 2009 5 June 2009 first term
19 Galle13.jpg galle13 PE 6 June 2009 5 July 2009 first term
20 Fedegen.jpg Fedegen PR 6 July 2009 5 August 2009 first term
21 Krakonico.jpg krakonico PE 6 August 2009 5 September 2009 first term
22 Apocalipsis.jpg Apocalipsis PE 6 September 2009 5 October 2009 first term
23 Giputxilandes.jpg Giputxilandes PE 6 October 2009 5 November 2009 first term
24 Barbak.jpg Barbak PE 6 November 2009 5 December 2009 first term
25 Franco.p.jpg Franco.p IP 6 December 2009 5 January 2010 first term
26 80px Dante-arg PE 6 January 2010 5 February 2010 first term
27 Marianomedina2.jpg Marianomedina2 PR 6 February 2010 5 March 2010 first term
28 Candymanson.jpg Candymanson PE 6 March 2010 5 April 2010 first term
29 Sargun.jpg Sargun PE 6 April 2010 5 May 2010 first term
30 Citizen1639581.jpg FlorenciaC PR 6 May 2010 5 June 2010 first term
31 Sir Westerley II.jpg Sir Westerley II PE 6 June 2010 5 July 2010 first term
32 Argentino Guerrillero.jpg Argentino Guerrillero UMA 6 July 2010 5 August 2010 first term
33 Timonlb.jpg Timonlb UMA 6 August 2010 5 September 2010 first term
34 Barbak.jpg Barbak PE 6 September 2010 5 October 2010 second term
35 80px Juan Manuel Rodriguez mdq PT 6 October 2010 5 November 2010 first term
36 Citizen1639581.jpg FlorenciaC PE 6 November 2010 5 December 2010 second term
37 Zumbido.png Zumbido ISD 6 December 2010 5 January 2011 first term
38 Jockey.jpg Jockey UMA 6 January 2011 5 February 2011 first term
39 Nicolas vergara.jpg nicolas_vergara PA 6 February 2011 5 March 2011 first term
40 80px ivan gonzalo vratnik PT 6 March 2011 5 April 2011 first term
41 Legacy Nicolas.jpg Legacy_Nicolas PP 6 April 2011 5 May 2011 first term
42 Elabuelo.jpg Elabuelo BS 6 May 2011 5 June 2011 first term
43 Lo.posa.jpg Lo.posa ISD 6 June 2011 5 July 2011 first term
44 Kang&Kodos.jpg Kang&Kodos UMA 6 July 2011 5 August 2011 first term
45 Gko.jpg Gko UMA 6 August 2011 5 September 2011 first term
46 80px Juan Manuel Rodriguez mdq PA 6 September 2011 5 October 2011 second term
47 Kang&Kodos.jpg Kang&Kodos UMA 6 October 2011 5 November 2011 second term
48 Citizen1639581.jpg FlorenciaC PA 6 November 2011 5 December 2011 third term
49 Gaston-46.jpg Gaston-46 UMA 6 December 2011 5 January 2012 first term
50 Silent Night.jpg Silent Night UMA 6 January 2012 5 February 2012 first term
51 Nico Peluffo.jpg Nico Peluffo UMA 6 February 2012 5 March 2012 first term
52 Clorofila.jpg Clorofila BS 6 March 2012 5 April 2012 first term
53 Choly999.jpg choly999 BS 6 April 2012 5 May 2012 first term
54 Citizen4039833.jpg Andres Saavedra reborn UMA 6 May 2012 5 June 2012 first term
55 Eliseo Reload.jpg Eliseo Reload PT 6 June 2012 5 July 2012 first term
56 Tbucchi.png Tbucchi UMA 6 July 2012 5 August 2012 first term



Argentina is a former member of ATLANTIS. On February 2009, after the Battle of Pampas, Argentina joined PEACE. After dissolution of PEACE, Argentina joined newly created Phoenix. Argentina was also a member of the ALA. Argentina is currently fighting Australia and South Africa along side Indonesia as part of the Great Southern War (Blood Diamond War).

Fight-war.gif Current Wars

Argentina is currently at war with:

Icon-pact.gif MPPs

Argentina has Mutual Protection Pacts with the following nation(s):



A large group of players started in e-Argentina, they all came from the same place (Tibianet). There was only one political party led by Siddy, and the first citizens created companies where all citizens worked and food was sold at a price similar to an average salary. The country was working as one individual, everyone worked to be fed and made Argentina grow fast.

However that activity did not last long. By the time big countries started growing really fast such as e-Pakistan or e-Sweden, e-Argentina citizens became inactive. In January 2008, the president Siddy died whilst president. The country had almost no active company owners nor politicians, and Joimzhando won the party elections and was later elected as the new president.

Joimzhando made the economy grow again, after nearly a month of inactivity. A group of former United Kingdom citizens tried to win the elections in March 2008, forming a party called Argentinian Nationalist Party, but Joimzhando won again. Currently it is not known if the English group went to Argentina with the support of their government or by their own.

By the beginning of March a lot of new citizens came to e-Argentina from Hattrick. They all joined Joimzhando's party, Partido Argentina Prevalece, the first country party; it was taken it over in the party elections, changing its name to Partido Demócrata de la República Argentina (Argentinian republic's Democratic Party), and its ideologies to center-left. Currently it is the oldest active political party.

Joimzhando then formed his own party, Iniciativa por Argentina los Verdes, a communist party, and lost in April the elections agaisnt democratic candidate Juan Ignacio, remaining as a congress member and taking all the Gold in the country bucket, also having taken instead of burning thousands of ARS.

Also, rightist users who didn't like the two parties that existed, led by hSeldon, took over the Argentinian Nationalist Party and formed the Partido Republicano Argentino (Argentinian Republican Party). This party became the second biggest party in the country.

The party of Joimzhando, Iniciativa por Argentina los Verdes was took over by a leftist group who formed a new party called Unión Argentina (Argentinian Union). Joimzhando created a new party also called Iniciativa por Argentina los Verdes and ran again for the presidential elections, resulting by him being defeated by Juan Ignacio, who was re-elected. After these events all the gold taken by Joimzhando and a little extra was donated to the country by himself.


Juan Ignacio became inactive during his government, one of his friends, Pier, became president of the Partido Demócrata de la República Argentina and won the presidential elections. While a rightist user, Templario, won the party elections of the Partido Republicano Argentino and changed his name to just Partido Republicano, the second oldest party of Argentina. New parties were created during Pier's first government, like a second Argentinian Nationalist Party, the Movimiento Popular Argentino, the Partido Bolchevique Argentinoand the Partido Socialista Argentino. The last was later reformed and got a new name Izquierda Progresista (Progressive Left), this party grew a lot and soon became second biggest party of Argentina.

During the second government of Pier, Indonesia invaded South Africa. Argentina went to its first war there, in the side of South Africa. Also Pier government developed a constitution and joined to ATLANTIS.

Leftist Argentina

After Pier's government, Pechorin was elected president by Izquierda Progresista,he was the first president who wasn't member of the Democratic Party or one of its antecessors.

All the parties that existed before were reformed, except the two classical parties and the new Progressive Left.

Claiming that he was sent to France to work in the real life, Pechorin left the game in the middle of his government and anounced a new president, something that wasn't approved by constitution. Inmediately, other users autoproclamated new presidents, while most congressmen thought they could elect the new president. A political crisis started then, mainly between the Democratic party as opposition and the Progressive Left in the side of the government. The congress reformed the constitution and Pechorin continued his job partially.

In the presidential elections of September, 2008, Tiranicida, from Progressive Left was elected president, also, in this elections the figure of vicepresident was created to evade situations like that of Pechorin. The new vicepresident was Besio, who was member of Progressive Left too.

During Tiranicida's government, his economy minister Galle13 starred numerous situations of corruption which were denounced by his oppositors of the Democratic, Republican and Social American parties along with some of the Socialdemocratic congressmen. The political crisis that Pechorin started grew with this. Seventeen congressmen voted for the dismissal of the minister, and politicians of the Democratic Party also wanted the dimission of vicepresident Besio, however, other parties didn't supported them.

However, the political crisis couldn't stop leftist power in the country. The two main parties of the left: Progressive Left and Socialdemocratic Party allied in the following election with Kurtkbain as candidate from the Socialdemocratic Party. Other parties had no choice to win against this alliance.

Kurtkbain's government didn't feature any kind of strange behavior, that helped the left to rebuild relations with the Republican Party and the Social American Movement, but not with the Democratic Party. During that month, a previosly unknown or partially known organization known as the Roman Empire was discovered. They were a secret organization who took over the Democratic Party in the past. One of the leaders of the Roman Empire, ElRomano, wanted Democratic candidate Siddy to give him power in the government. Siddy and his vicepresidential candidate Gera74, left the Democratic Party and postulated again but in the Social American Alliance. The Roman Empire never gave explanations of what happened and that created more mistery and terror in all the country. The organization claimed to have 20% of the congress at their side, they also had companies of almost all domains, and the argentinian citizens discovered many important leaders of the Democratic Party who were allied or were part of the Empire. The Republican Party also discovered that one of their members was member of the Empire. This new crisis made Democratic Party to lost reputation and credibility of all the other main parties (Republican, Progressive Left, Social American and Socialdemocratic).


The Roman Empire's crisis made the democratic party divide for the elections, anti-romans voted Siddy, first president of Argentina, while other members who approved the Empire voted Zhow, new democratic candidate who isn't member of the Roman Empire.

Republican, Socialdemocratic and Progressive Leftist voters voted for their own candidates. Siddy and Gera74 won the elections with support of American Social Movement voters and Anti-Empire Democratics.

During Siddy's government, the New World War started and Argentina, without moving very fast and without showing protagonism, has supported Atlantis.

In the interior of Argentina, the political crisis calmed and normal relations between all parties were re-established.

Those new relations made two blocks for December elections, one called the Leftist Block, formed by Progressive Left and the Socialdemocratic Party, along with most members of the Bolivian Union. The other block was the Centrist Block, formed by American Social Movement, Republican Party, Democratic Party and some members of the new Partido Liberal de la República Argentina (Liberal Party of the Republic of Argentina). Centrist block's candidate and president at the time of the elections, Siddy won, this time with the Republican Fedegen as vicepresidential candidate.

At December 2014 Argentina demolished Poland, but later it gave the Polish regions to Serbia.