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Welcome to the United States of America Portal

United States
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United States is a nation situated in the Western Hemisphere of the world sandwiched by Canada to the North and Mexico to the South. The USA, like most nations, regularly holds foreign territories and has both expanded and contracted over time. 🇺🇸

Local News
*Tyler Bubblar is reelected as President of eUSA in landslide victory
  • Peace treaty with Serbia and Asteria signed, major diplomatic shift towards friendly relations with enemy alliance
  • Several new Training Wars with Asteria nations opened up
  • 12 month NAP with Canada signed
  • National Cooperative launched
  • Congress passes updated budget
  • Relocation Program relaunched
  • Homeschool Subsidy Program offers money for tutorial articles published in the eUS

News current as of 9 Jul 2020
President: Tyler Bubblar

Vice President: SColbert

Chief of Staff: dmjohnston

Secretary of State: PimpDollaz

Minister of Defense:zRTx

National Security Council/UNC Chairman: PimpDollaz

CSecretary of Civilian Affairs: Wilhelm Rontgen

Press Secretary: Paul Proteus

Secretary of Media: Wilker Nath

Secretary of Interior: KingTaco

IES Director: Rainy sunday

Advisors: Melissa Rose, Evry, PigInZen, King Harambe