Rio Grande do Sul

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Rio Grande do Sul

Icon-Brazil.png Brazil

Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of Rio Grande do Sul
Map of the region
Capital Porto Alegre
Language Brazilian Portuguese
Last update '
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The Rio Grande do Sul is the region that was known as Far South, but was renamed on 20 July 2009.


Rio Grande do Sul7

Rio Grande do Sul is neighbored by following regions:


Today region is rich with Aluminum, but in the past the region was rich with Iron and originally by Grain (medium quantities).


Honorable Farsoutherns

These are the most known, among farsouthern citizens of Brazil:


Since it was only implemented after the start of V1, Porto Alegre didn't have any Mayor.


The following table lists the Congress members of Rio Grande do Sul in chronological order::

26 March 2009 - 25 April 2009

Name Party Votes
TaylerCassiano Partido Republicano do Brasil 5
Grande Major Partido Militar 5
Siguatemi Partido Republicano do Brasil 5
Drake D Partido Nacional Democrata 5
melllao Partido Militar 5

26 April 2009 - 25 May 2009

Name Party Votes
Bruno Thomas Partido Democrata Brasileiro 6
Xanndao Partido Militar 5
Igor Draconian Partido Republicano do Brasil 4
Sitenl Uniao Socialista Brasileira 4
johnata Partido Democrata Brasileiro 4


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