Rio Grande do Sul

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The Rio Grande do Sul is the region that was known as Far South, but was renamed on 20 July 2009.

Rio Grande do Sul

Icon-Argentina.png Argentina

Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of Rio Grande do Sul
Map of the region
Original owner Flag-Brazil.jpg Brazil
Capital Porto Alegre
Population 2119
Language Brazilian Portuguese
Hospitals 1
Defense Systems 0
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Rio Grande do Sul7

Rio Grande do Sul is neighbored by following regions:


Honorable Farsoutherns

These are the most known, among farsouthern citizens of Brazil:


Since it was only implemented after the start of V1, Porto Alegre didn't have any Mayor.


The following table lists the Congressmen of Rio Grande do Sul in chronological order::

26 March 2009 - 25 April 2009

Name Party Votes
TaylerCassiano Partido Republicano do Brasil 5
Grande Major Partido Militar 5
Siguatemi Partido Republicano do Brasil 5
Drake D Partido Nacional Democrata 5
melllao Partido Militar 5

26 April 2009 - 25 May 2009

Name Party Votes
Bruno Thomas Partido Democrata Brasileiro 6
Xanndao Partido Militar 5
Igor Draconian Partido Republicano do Brasil 4
Sitenl Uniao Socialista Brasileira 4
johnata Partido Democrata Brasileiro 4


Hino Sul-Riograndense <video type="youtube" id="AuEFOHbV6No&autoplay=0&loop=1" width="100%" height="25px" frame="false" position="center"></video>

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