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Flag of Lithuania   Coat of Arms of Lithuania

On the map

General Rank 33
Anthem "Tautiška giesmė"
Language Lithuanian, English
Population 900
Capital Lithuania Minor
Current President atsibodo
Political Party Brolija
Currency Flag-Lithuania.jpg Lithuanian Litas (LTL)
Minimum salary Flag-Lithuania.jpg 1 LTL
Average salary Flag-Lithuania.jpg 33.15 LTL
Food bonus 60%
Weapon bonus 20%
Territories 7

Map of Lithuania

Last update November 11, 2014

Lithuania officially the Republic of Lithuania is a country located in Northern Europe. It has borders with Poland, Latvia, Belarus, Russia and Sweden. It is known as the southernmost of the three Baltic states. It was added to eRepublik on 8 April 2009. Lithuania is current member of Root. It was once a member of PEACE GC and helped found the PHOENIX alliance.

Icon-social-mic-home.gif Geography

The original territory of Lithuania is composed of several regions: Lithuanian Highland (occupied by Icon-Poland.png), Lithuania Minor (occupied by Icon-Poland.png), Dainava (occupied by Icon-Poland.png), Samogitia (occupied by Icon-Poland.png), and Sudovia (occupied by Icon-Poland.png).

Its current territories are listed below:

Original Owner Resource Map

Icon-economy-mic-home.gif Economy


National Lithuanian Bank – Lietuvos Taupomasis Bankas


Product Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Q3.png Food 0% 99% 25%
Icon - Weapon Q2.png Weapon 0% 99% 25%
Icon - Food Raw Materials.png Food raw material 0% 99% -
Icon - Weapon Raw Materials.png Weapon raw material 0% 99% -
Icon - House Raw Materials.png House raw material 0% 0% -
Product Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Moving ticket Q3.png Tickets 0% 1% 1%
Icon - House Q3.png Houses 0% 1% 1%
Icon - Hospital Q3.png Hospitals 0% 1% 1%
Icon - Defense system Q3.png Defense system 0% 1% 1%
  • Last update: 16 May 2012

Icon-politics-mic-home.gif Politics

Political Parties

In 2010-10-01 Lithuania was occupied by Poland and Latvia, all parties was moved to Poland. After Lithuania gain back region in 2010-10-07, news parties was (re)created.

Flag Party Party President Orientation Members Link and Abbreviation
Solidarumas2.jpg Solidarumas TcTarget Far-left, Anarchist 374 SOL
40px Lietuviu Nacionalistu Partija Nacionalistas Far-right, Authoritarian 131 LNP
Lp.jpg Linksma Partija kas_is_to Center-left, Anarchist 116 LP
LLS32.jpg Lietuvos Laisves Sajunga Browlis Center-Left, Libertarian 286 LLS
Rimta partija.png Rimta Partija Kazys Grinius Center-left, Libertarian 129 RP
Party-Lietuvos liberalu partija.png Lietuvos liberalu partija Jokimas Tamulionis Center-right, Libertarian 119 LNS
Lietuvos Centro Sajunga AurisDre Center, Anarchist 11 LCS
Zd.jpg Žvėries diktatūra vilkdalgis Center-right, Totalitarian 15 ZD
Party-Darbo partija.jpg Draugyste Saugumas Center, Totalitarian 7 DP


Lithuanian Congress Building
Lithuanian Presidential Palace

On 5 March were elected first eLithuania president – cawx. Also were formed new government.

Year Month President Party Supported
2009 May B5fa96ea4ca46ba15ccd29dc886ab34a 100x100.jpg Cawx Sajudis
2009 June B5fa96ea4ca46ba15ccd29dc886ab34a 100x100.jpg Cawx Sajudis
2009 July B5fa96ea4ca46ba15ccd29dc886ab34a 100x100.jpg Cawx Sajudis
2009 August Rokas.jpg Rokas Sajudis
2009 September B5fa96ea4ca46ba15ccd29dc886ab34a 100x100.jpg Cawx Sajudis
2009 October Manteliuks.jpg Manteliuks Sajudis Lietuvos Laisves Sajunga
2009 November Manteliuks.jpg Manteliuks Sajudis Lietuvos Laisves Sajunga, and Lietuviu Nacionalistu Partija
2009 November Citizen1664617 v2.png Ignas Grinevicius Geroves sajunga
2009 December Dionizas.jpg Dionizas Sajudis Lietuviu Nacionalistu Partija
2010 January Akello.jpg Akello Sajudis
2010 February Akello.jpg Akello Sajudis
2010 March Ignas.jpg Ignas Grinevicius Geroves Sajunga
2010 April Ignas.jpg Ignas Grinevicius Sajudis Lietuviu Nacionalistu Partija
2010 May Petras Pirmasis.jpg Petras Pirmasis Sajudis Lietuviu Nacionalistu Partija
2010 June Nexrow.jpg Nexrow Sajudis Lietuviu Nacionalistu Partija
2010 July Linskmascitizen.jpg linksmas Solidarumas Sajudis and Geltona Zalia Raudona
2010 August Nexrow.jpg Nexrow Lietuviu Nacionalistu Partija Lietuvos Laisves Sajunga and Lietuvos liberaldemokratai
2010 September Nexrow.jpg Nexrow Lietuviu Nacionalistu Partija
2010 October Nexrow.jpg Nexrow Was automatically re-elected, reason: Lithuania was occupied by other countries
2010 November Ragirdaslogo.jpegRaigirdas Lietuviu Nacionalistu Partija
2010 November Avataras.jpg Baneris Lietuvos liberalu partija Was automatically elected, reason: Impeachment for Raigirdas
2010 December Ragirdaslogo.jpegRaigirdas Rimta Partija Lietuvos Laisves Sajunga
2011 January Daniochas.jpgdaniochas Rimta Partija
2011 February 1shakalas1.jpg1shakalas1 Solidarumas
2011 March Pokstasq.jpgpokstasq Lietuviu Nacionalistu Partija
2011 April Edgarasmzk.jpgEdgaras Mzk Solidarumas Lietuvos Laisves Sajunga, Linksma Partija and Rimta Partija
2011 May Gliookas II.jpggliookas II Lietuvos Laisves Sajunga
2011 June Gliookas II.jpggliookas II Lietuvos Laisves Sajunga
2011 July Gliookas II.jpggliookas II Lietuvos Laisves Sajunga
2011 August EdgarSimeone.jpgEdgarSimeone Lietuvos laisvės sąjunga Linksma Partija, Lietuvos Moderatu Sajunga
2011 September Cf5885729ed7e6a40f10961f34c9eb00 142x142.jpgTcTarget Solidarumas Rimta Partija, Draugystė
2011 October Arkangelas.jpgArkangelas Solidarumas
2011 November Gliookas II.jpggliookas II Lietuvos laisvės sąjunga Lietuvos Moderatu Sajunga
2011 December Gelezinis Vilkas.jpgPetrasVykintas Lietuvos laisvės sąjunga Rimta Partija, Lietuvos Liberalu Partija, HQ Trolling
2012 January Migasss.jpgMigasss Solidarumas Lietuviu Nacionalistu Partija, Lietuvos Moderatu Sajunga
2012 February Lurk.jpgLurk Solidarumas Lietuviu Nacionalistu Partija, Verslo Sąjunga
2012 March Dariukas.jpgDariukas Lietuvos Nacionalistu Partija
2012 April Gliookas II.jpggliookas II Lietuvos laisvės sąjunga Lietuvos Moderatu Sajunga, Verslo Sąjunga
2012 May ZygaLTU.jpgZygaLTU Lietuviu Nacionalistu Partija Solidarumas, Lietuvos laisvės sąjunga
2012 June Lariox.jpgLariox Lietuviu Nacionalistu Partija Solidarumas
  • Updated: July 1st, 2012

June - July, 2012 Congress

Logo Party Name Congressmen %
Solidarumas2.jpg Solidarumas 7 17.5%
LLS32.jpg Lietuvos Laisvės Sąjunga 13 32.5%
40px Lietuviu Nacionalistu Partija 9 22.5%
Vs55x55.jpg Verslo Sąjunga 5 12.5%
LMS.jpg Lietuvos Moderatu Sajunga 5 12.5%
  • Updated: June 31st, 2012


Government Office Current Officeholder
President atsibodo
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs
Minister of Education Zender 14
Head of Lithuanian Armied Force Bardachiokas
Minister of Defence Adolf.H
Vice Minister of Defence
Minister of Economy TheUnit Just1s
Minister of Entertainment
Minister of Internal Affairs
Minister of Information
Minister of Demography
  • Updated: November 11st, 2014

Status of the Ministries

Ministry of... Status link
Constitution v2 [1]
Foreign Affairs [2]
Budget [3]
Lithuanian Armed Forces [4]
Defence [5]
Economy [6]
Culture [7]
Internal Affairs [8]
Information [9]
Demography [10]
  • Updated: July 3rd, 2012


January 4, 2010 - Monument 1.png February 4, 2010 - Monument 2.png March 4, 2010 - Monument 3.png April 4, 2010 - Monument 1.png May 4, 2010 - Monument 2.png July 4, 2010 - Monument 3.png August 4, 2010 - Monument 1.png September 4, 2010 - Monument 2.png October 4, 2010 - Monument 1.png December 4, 2010 - Monument 3.png

Icon-military-mic-home.gif Military and Alliances

Armies of Lithuania

Lithuanian elite squad
  • Lietuvos Kariuomene (Lithuanian Armed Forces)
  • Updated: July 3rd, 2012

Icon-pact.gif MPPs

Lithuania has mutual protection pacts with the following nation(s):


  • On 8 June Lithuania declared war to Latvia as a protection strategy against Finish, then it was used as a training war.
  • In October 2009 Lithuania was involved in a short war - Poland-Lithuania War, and still there is no peace between these two countries.
  • On 29 June, 2010, Lithuania started aggressive actions against Latvia after they (Latvia) were about to sign an MPP with Poland after an incident between Latvia and Estonia (Latvia-Estonia War) occured.
  • On 12 December 2010 Lithuania started war against Latvia after they has been proposed as Natural Enemy. On 17 December Latvia has been erased from map by Lithuania and Russia.
  • On 03 February 2011 Lithuania was attacked by Sweden [11]. After few days "trench warfare", Sweden suddenly occupied Lithuania Minor and Samogitia. Then Lithuanian government saw Swedish power and made compromise: Lithuania rented Samogitia, Sweden gave back Lithuania Minor and these two countries started Training war.
  • Updated: May 31st, 2011

Fight-war.gif Current Wars

  • Icon-Latvia.png Latvia
  • Updated: May 31st, 2011


  1. eLithuania Official forum
  2. Defence Ministry of Lithuania
  3. University of eLithuania