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Flag of Israel   Coat of Arms of Israel

On the map

General rank 37
Anthem Hatikvah-The Hope
Capital Jerusalem district
Language Hebrew
Population 973
President Nebojsa M. Petrovic
Currency Flag-Israel.jpg New Israeli Shekel (NIS)
Minimum salary 4.00 NIS
Average salary 9.00 NIS
Territories 7

Map of Israel

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Israel (Hebrew: ישראל, Yisrael) is a country in the Middle East located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. It borders Turkey in the north, Cyprus in the northwest, Greece to the west, Saudi Arabia to the east, and Egypt to the south. Much of Israel's history has been scarred by military conflicts including the occupation by Turkey and a more recent occupation by Serbia. Due to a common enemy, Israel has often allied itself to Greece. Israeli foreign policy is pro-EDEN, and has recently become a full member of the alliance. It also maintains strong links with the ex-Brolliance countries, mostly via the United States of America. Israel is a founding member of the Luna alliance. As of now, Israel is a member of the EDEN alliance.

The country participated in the Middle East War and conquered from Saudi Arabia.

Icon achievement society builder on.gif Society


Israel is located in the middle east and has 5 origional regions, as well as 2 regions of Saudi Arabia, Al Jawf and Northern Borders.

Original regions of Israel and their cities
Current owner Region City Population Productivity
Icon-Israel.png Israel Beersheba South District Beer Sheva 248 Icon - Saltpeter.png
Icon-Israel.png Israel Jerusalem district Jerusalem 567 Icon - Fruits.png
Icon-Israel.png Israel Tel Aviv Center District Tel Aviv 314 Icon - Fish.png
Icon-Israel.png Israel Haifa district Haifa 117 Icon - Fish.png
Icon-Israel.png Israel Nazareth North District Nazareth 244 Icon - Fruits.png


Beersheba South DistrictJerusalem districtTel Aviv Center DistrictNazareth North DistrictHaifa DistrictIsrael

History of Israel

Main article: History of Israel

After presidential elections (June 5, 2012), between ArikAharon and Joe Franco, with the victory of ArikAharon, eIsrael became divided. On day 1663, eIsrael finally had the chance to continue battling against one of her most powerful enemies, FYROM, and declare them as NE, to help one of the allies of EDEN and good friend of eIsrael, eGreece. On day 1664 ArikAharon Announced that he wanted to resign, and he was impeached one day later, with eIsrael at the door of a new war with FYROM.


The uniting religion, the official religion, and the people of Israel's religion is Judaism which was passed down in generations from the beginning of time.

Icon-economy-mic-home.gif Economy


Product Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Q3.png Food 15% 12%
Icon - Weapon Q2.png Weapon 23% 7%
Icon - Food Raw Materials.png Food raw material 1% -
Icon - Weapon Raw Materials.png Weapon raw material 1% -
Icon - House Raw Materials.png House raw material -
Product Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Moving ticket Q3.png Tickets 12% 2%
Icon - House Q3.png Houses - -
Icon - Hospital Q3.png Hospitals 12% 1%
Icon - Defense system Q3.png Defense system 12% 1%
*Updated: May 5, 2012

Current Country trading embargoes

This country doesn't have any trading embargoes at the moment.

Icon-politics-mic-home.gif Politics


ExclMk.png Urgent

This page urgently needs an update! This page is very outdated, and the information may no longer be valid.

By the initiative of Augustus Grim, eIsrael is going to create her first constitution. The discussion will start on day 1647. See also Constitution of Israel.

Government Ministries

Position Citizen Name Citizen Name
Ministry of Defense Rickolas EynPahad
Ministry of Finance a neria
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Yuvu15
Ministry of Interior Romshaked xMikiGox

Icon position party president.gif Political Parties

These are the political parties in today's Israel.

Logo Party Abbreviation Party President Orientation Members
Party-Israel First.png Israel First IF Sergeant Autumn Center, Libertarian 58
Flag-Israel.jpg Badass Party BP Rickolas Center, Libertarian 32
Party-My Israel.jpg My Israel MI wars33 Center-right, Authoritarian 13
Flag-Israel.jpg Lieber7 Party L7P dudido1992 Center, Authoritarian 25
Flag-Israel.jpg Free Volunteers Party FVP Sergeant_Autumn , 65
Flag-Israel.jpg The Jewish Macedonia Party JMP lolo972 Center, Totalitarian 7
Flag-Israel.jpg The Greater Israel Party [GIP avnerba Center, Libertarian 16
Party-High Society.jpg High Society ICA Amun_Nefer Far-right, Libertarian 32

Icon - Congress.jpg Knesset

For knesset election results see Israeli Knesset Elections.

Icon position country president.gif Prime Ministers

Month Year President Second Place Notes
1 March 2009 Sadeh Badeh CyberStormAlpha
April 2009 Sadeh Badeh
May 2009 Sadeh Badeh
June 2009 Sadeh Badeh and BuzzyTheCat Gzen Sadeh Badeh Impeached
2 July 2009 BuzzyTheCat Gzen
August 2009 BuzzyTheCat Sadeh Badeh
3 September 2009 Cj Will Win Aeroner
October 2009 Cj Will Win SoulSalvage
4 November 2009 JMatH and Zaib Atsu Zaib Atsu JMatH Impeached
5 December 2009 Zaib Atsu Franz Kafka Zaib Atsu Resigned
6 December 2009 Franz Kafka Assume after the resignation of Zaib Atsu
7 January 2010 Joshua Hoss Perfect.Knight
8 February 2010 Sadeh Badeh Joshua Hoss Joshua Hoss resigned, moved to USA
March 2010 Sadeh Badeh Yoel ben Shalom
9 April 2010 Franz Kafka Sir Valaro Volcrum Franz Kafka Resigned
10 April 2010 Sir Valaro Volcrum Perfect.Knight Finished Franz Kafka's Term then moved to USA
11 May 2010 Perfect.Knight Sam Krakower
June 2010 Perfect.Knight Gavin Wax VP was Bloodger
12 July 2010 Franz Kafka Gavin Wax VP was Dean Michaely, Dean was Acting President for half of the month
13 August 2010 Dean Michaely Robbie Lizzini VP was Matan9010
14 September 2010 Aeroner Jewyoyo VP was Sam Krakower
15 October 2010 Gavin Wax CRoy VP was Sam Krakower and Aeroner
November 2010 Gavin Wax Sam Krakower Gavin Wax impeached, making Sam Krakower CP
16 December 2010 Sam Krakower Rheinlander von Phalz Sam Krakower second term, elected this time
17 January 2011 Perfect.Knight Perfect.Knight third term, when all the parties nominated him.
18 February 2011 Rheinlander von Phalz Established military junta
March 2011 Rheinlander von Phalz Rheinlander von Phalz second term
19 April 2011 Matan9010 Danielmorad The first term of Matan.
20 May 2011 Sidewinder.ISR The first term of Sidewinder.
21 June 2011 a_neria neria Impeachment neria
22 June 2011 Octavius_Julius
23 July 2011 Octavius_Julius
24 Augsut 2011 Sidewinder.isr
25 September 2011 Octavius_Julius
26 October 2011 Perfect.knight
27 November 2011 K0munista First president after the second Turkish occupation.
28 December 2011 Lieber7
29 January 2012 eyalbaruch OfirG
30 February 2012 ArikAharon
March 2012 ArikAharon
31 May 2012 Perfect.Knight Eynetane Perfect.Knight was impached. Eynetane assume.
32 May 2012 Eynetane Assume after impeachment of Perfect.Knight
33 June 2012 ArikAharon Joe Franco on 11 of June ArikAharon was Impeached
34 June 2012 Joe Franco Sergeant Autumn Asume after the impeachment of ArikAharon
35 July 2012 Sergeant Autumn Joe ask for Impeachment because of health problems.
August 2012 Sergeant Autumn RoaiTG
36 Septembre 2012 K0munista Rickolas
37 October 2012 Rickolas ArikAharon
38 November 2012 Meow2 a neria Meow2 was impaechment the 30 of November
39 November 2012 a neria
40 December 2012 K0munista itaivardi
41 January 2013 Perfect.Knight Sergeant Autumn
42 February 2013 danis1982 Perfect.Knight
43 March 2013 a neria T.GodFather
44 April 2013 RoaiTG Israel3
May 2013 RoaiTG Con Dingo
June 2013 RoaiTG Rickolas
45 July 2013 tsahi K Sergeant Autumn
46 August 2013 xMikiGOx Rickolas
47 September 2013 Sergeant Autumn Moran238
October 2013 Sergeant Autumn Marmaroth
48 November 2013 xMikiGOx Michael II Augustus
49 December 2013 John TG T.FatherGO
50 January 2014 Israel3 a neria Israel3 ask for an Impeachment on 19/01/2014, he couldn't continue because of RL issues.
51 January 2014 a neria Assumed after impeachment of Israel3
52 February 2014 xMikiGOx ygalaviperez
March 2014 xMikiGOx israelthebest89
53 April 2014 John TG LiorD
54 May 2014 Persian Punisher Con Dingo
55 June 2014 NewSaver
56 July 2014 JMSPC ahava3233
57 August 2014 New Faustian Man
58 September 2014 The J givati187
59 October 2014 NewSaver Chris Emma
60 November 2014 Grim23 givati187
61 December 2014 John Rupert Miranda t0trag
62 January 2015 Tom Kafir Admiral General Mickey
63 February 2015 flo rida20 Admiral General Mickey
64 March 2015 Nebojsa M. Petrovic
65 April 2015 Rufus1988 Chris Emma
66 May 2015 Tom Kafir Sergeant Spring
67 June 2015 John Rupert Miranda Filthy McNasty
68 July 2015 Krimpie RoaiTG

State Honors

The Order of Israel is the state's order of merit. It may be conferred on up to five individuals per Presidential term.

Icon skill strength.gifMilitary

The Israeli Army is called the "IDF" - Israeli Defense Forces (In Hebrew- "צבא הגנה לישראל"). The IDF is led by the President, Minister of Defense, and the General. The elite military unit Sayeret Matkal (Staff Patrol) also works as part of the IDF. Other existing Military units in eRepublik are the Samson and eIDF Armoured Corps.

Icon-pact.gif Current Alliances

Icon-war.png Current Wars

Nation Flag Date Declared Date Ended Notes

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