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This page has been saved as historical information from Rising.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.

Your profile can be easily accessed by clicking on your citizen name from the permanent profile review on the left side. On your profile page, you will find all the information about your citizen in eRepublik, divided into several categories.

The profile page has been through many small changes during the Rising, below are the information from the start of Rising with notices of changes until 2011.

Top Section

Profile Rising.jpg

In this section, you will find your basic information about your citizen. You can see your latest shouts, browse through shouts via next / previous buttons. Features:

  • Icon Rising online.pngThe Green Dot next to your name indicates that you are online
  • Fbconnect.png Connect button that allows you to synchronize your eRepublik and Facebook accounts. (This option was later removed)
  • Wiki Link blackbook.jpg wikilink to your own Citizen Page on the Official eRepublik Wiki
  • Icon game moderator 1.png the Moderator icon, if the player is a moderator
  • Icon special achievement Ambassador.gifIf the citizen is members of the Ambassador Program, he will have the program icon.
  • Icon Rising edit profile.png Edit profile link
  • Shouts space
  • Three tabs:

Facebook Connect

Clicking "Connect" will launch a pop up window where a citizen is asked to log in to their Facebook profile. This will synchronize the user's eRepublik and Facebook accounts. Facebook connection is used to automatically publish certain eRepublik related news on the user's wall on Facebook. This news includes gaining new achievements, buying a new house and voting. All the news posted on user's wall includes citizen's invitation link.

Overview Tab

Accounts tab.jpg

Overview tab is automatically pressed when you click on your profile.

  • Icon health.png Health status (later removed from this position and replaced by Energy)
  • Icon happiness.png Happiness status. (later removed from the game due to changes in economic module)
  • Experience points level and a dynamic bar that displays the number of points needed until the next level will be reached

Accounts Tab

Your citizen's land with the number of buildings is presented. There is also button enter here if you and/or the visitor would like to check your land. (This option was added later in 2010 and was removed in 2011 (etc) due to the changes in economic module.)

Your citizen's currency accounts are displayed. The order of currencies is the following: Gold, Citizenship currency, the currency of the country you're residing. Money used in your companies will be taken from your accounts. If an account has less than 1 currency, it will not be visible.

The Get gold link will lead you to buy gold page.

Inventory/Storage Tab

Inventory tab.jpg

Every citizen has an inventory with 20 places for products bought on the marketplace. You can click edit inventory you can change the position of your items (food, weapon, etc.). If you click on 'X' button, which appears when you go with your mouse cursor over a certain product, you can remove that product from the inventory - this option is used to make space for new products. Have in mind, if you remove any product, you can't bring it back.

Your house is also in the inventory. Inventory can be increased to 50 if you click on "Extra storage" and buy extra storage package.

When land option was implemented inventory tab was replaced with storage. New storage tab will lead you to your Storage which is used to store your products.

Citizen Information

Citizen information is structured by 4 sections:

  • Achievements
  • Economy Skill
  • Military Skills
  • Chat rooms owned

There are also 2 columns:

  • Other Citizen Information
  • Activity

Column Other Citizen Info

Profile Rising-Column1.jpg

  • Location and Change residence button
  • Citizenship
    • Citizenship is only shown if differs from location.
  • Deployed location (later option was completely removed)
  • eRepublik Birthday
    • Date in real life
    • eRepublik day
  • National Rank
  • Forfeit points (later removed from this position)

Column Activity

Profile Rising-Column2.jpg

  • Economy activity (later completely removed due to changes in the economic module and replaced by military activity)
    • Unemployed (if you didn't have any job)
    • Current profession and company in which you are working (later it was the only company in which you are working)
  • Political activity
    • No political activity (if you were not in any political party) or one of the administrative positions:
      • Country President
      • Congress member
      • Party president
      • Party member
    • Name, avatar, party orientation and ideology
  • Press director
    • Name and avatar of your newspaper
  • Friends (and a total number of them)
    • Upon clicking view all, you will be redirected to the full list of your friends.
      • The green dot indicates your friend is online.
      • Remove a friend by clicking the X.
      • Send a message to a friend by clicking the envelope icon.


Economy skills with all 11 professions (after clicking show all skills on the profile page). Profession with a grey background is the one that citizen is training at the moment

Here is where you will find the achievements of your citizen.
Your citizen can be involved in different aspects of eRepublik such as the economy, politics, military and media. The number of achievements is marked with the number in the trophy. If achievement is still not achieved, the trophy is colored grey with no number on the trophy.

Economy Skill

Economy skill is showing in which profession are you working, level of the profession and bar which was showing how much you need till the next level. Different professions were suitable for different markets. By clicking show all skills you were able to see all of your skills (see picture). Later professions were merged into one economy skill to improve the competitiveness of workers on the job market.

Military skills

Rising military skills.jpg

Here is where you can see your current military rank and your current military skills. They are all listed and you will see their level and progress to the next level. Later all of the military skills were merged into one - Strength

Chat rooms owned

Chat rooms you own with a name and description
This is the list of chat rooms owned. Chat rooms contain name with a link to it and a description below it. If no chat rooms were owned, there was a button Create chat room which lead you to the page to create one.

Other Features

What other users see, image released before the official launch of Rising. History of all images after implementation can be seen here

When you visit the profile of another citizen, you will not see all of the information that you can see about yourself. You will also have some additional options.

The four buttons in the top right corner:

  • Add as a friend/Remove friend - Add (or remove the person) from the friends' list
  • Send Message - send an in-game private message to another citizen
  • Donate - enables the page where you can donate items and money to other citizens or organizations
  • Report - if you wanted to report citizen for cheating/insulting, etc. This link leads to the Contact page

Banned or Deceased players will also have a notice on their profile page stating that they are dead or why they were banned.

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