Sozialdemokratische Partei eD

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Sozialdemokratische Partei eD

General Information
Country Flag-Germany.jpg Germany
Abbreviation SPeD
Forum [1]
Colors red, white
President Saramago
Members 185
Congress Occupancy 10 / 40 (25.00 %)
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Authoritarian

The Sozialdemokratische Partei eD is a German center-left party. It was founded by KirKanos, who also was the three time party president. The German Eagle, German president for September and October 2009 was a member of the SPeD. After the polish conquest of whole Germany during the World War IV the party was lost but was reestablished soon after liberation.

Year Month President Mandate Number of congressmen
2009 Juli KirKanos 1st 10 / 40(1)
2009 August KirKanos 2nd 11 / 40
2009 September KirKanos 3rd 10 / 40
2009 October Iseutz 1st 18 / 40
2009 November Iseutz 2nd 18 / 40
2009 December Nymphe 1st 18 / 40
2010 January ---(2) ---(2) ---(2)
2010 February RudiDutschke 1st 3 / 20
2010 March RudiDutschke 2nd 6 / 40
2010 April spartaner032 1st 6 / 40
2010 May Stresemann 1st 6 / 42
2010 June Il_Pirata 1st 7 / 40
2010 July Saramago 1st 10 / 40
(1)seven of those ten congressmen were members of the Polish Takeover Unit, which was able to take over the German congress for a month.
(2)Germany was conquered by Poland for a few days so all parties became polish. For the January congress election there were two "unity-parties". Re-establishing of the old parties began in February.

Newspapaer: "Junges Deutschland"

Junges Deutschland is the official newspaper of the SPeD. The newspaper deals about the developements in the party. Also presentations for the congress, president elections or party president elections are publicized there. The owner of the Junges Deutschland is the SPED Org