The Spam Times

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The Spam Times

General Information
Country Flag-Cyprus.jpg Cyprus
Language English
Owner killer2001
Founded Day 1,527
Subscribers 788
Articles 105
Content random spam

The Spam Times is a newspaper owned by killer2001.

Small Times

Day 1,527-Day 1,624

The Spam Times was called Small Times. The majority of those newspaper articles are base on real life Canada and some contests. The name changed when more and more people called killer2001 a spammer and then the name changed to The Spam Times.

Canadian Series

Day 1,527-Day 1,583

Killer2001's first article is about Canada. That article was created on Day 1,527, when the newspaper was founded. It got 20 votes. On day 1528 killer2001 created an article that's name is "Canada's nature", it got 12 votes.Though day 1,530 to day 1,536 killer2001 made 3 articles about Canada's 3 biggest cities. The last article of the series is "Canada part 7" with a his last article having a total of 14 votes. "Canada part 5" is the most voted article with 27 votes in the Canadian series.

Canadian Series Links

1. Canada [1] 2. Canada's nature [2] 3. hockey [3] 4. basketball [4] 5. CN Tower [5] 6. Toronto [6] 7. Montreal [7] 8. Canada part 2 [8] 9. flags of Canada [9] 10. Vancouver [10] 11. O Canada [11] 12. Canada part 3 [12] 13. Canada part 4 [13] 14. Canada part 5 [14] 15. Quebec [15] 16. Canada part 6 [16] 17. Canada part 7 [17]

Free Stuff, Contests and Illegal Lotteries

Day 1,544 Day-1,555, Day 1,592-Day 1,661

Free Stuff and Lotteries

The first free stuff give away is on Day 1544 and it is giving everyone 7 CAD. It was the fourth most voted article in the 1500s for the Small Times. 5 hours later after the 7 CAD give away article, killer2001 made a contest. To win the contest the readers must post the best comment. There are 2 lotteries and 2 contests between Day 1544-Day 1549. The prizes was given out on Day 1550. Killer2001 only got 2 fp points between those days.

90's and early 00's Music Contest

On Day 1,592, an article was created about a contest about music. The readers have to post 7 songs from 1990-2006 and the person who post the best 7 songs win. This was a unique contest because the readers could vote for their favorite song in the next article. The first article of this contest was the third most voted article in the 1500s for the Small Times. On Day 1,595 the voting has started. The voting article got 92 votes, 72 comments and it's the Small Times most voted article of the 1500s. This contest was so popular that it got sponsors. It's sponsored by Wombatman25 and Homer J Simpson. The voting article has many links. On Day 1,599 the winner was announced in the last article in the contest. The winner is Vehairpe who won 1000 Q1 food and 1500 Q2 food and killer2001 and Vehairpe had a short interview.

70s&80s contest interview with the winner and 29 other people, also known as a spam tread

70's and 80's Music Contest

On Day 1,608, the Small Times had a similar contest about music again. This time the reader has to post 10 songs that is from 1970-1989. The opening article did better than the last contest opening. On Day 1,619, the voting article came out to the public. On Day 1,622 the winner was announced. The winner of the contest is Basile de Clair who got 150 Q2 weapons,200 Q2 food,500 Q3 food and 500 Q4 food. It was sponsored by Melissa London and mvcakir. The winner got an interview but this time it was with 29 other people. This interview caused the newspaper to change it name to The Spam Times.

Spam Awards

spam awards results

On Day 1,624 killer2001 got an idea when changing the newspaper name to The Spam Times of starting the spam awards. The spam awards had five articles but one got deleted for spam. The first article got 76 votes because killer2001 wrote his article link in Simonymous post. Later killer2001 and Simonymous started to shout the article link. The next article is called "Spam Season". The next article is the voting article. The article got 273 votes and it's The Spam Times most voted article that's not deleted. The next article was about the results. The winner was Simonymous. Killer2001 and Simonymous had an interview.


FREE FOOD is an article about giving out free food. It has 158 votes and 159 comments. It's the last article created for the era.

Free Stuff, Contests and Illegal Lotteries Links

1. 7 CAD (Done) [18] 2. 400 CAD on the line [19] 3. Free Food and Free Money [20] 4. Day 1550 [21] 5. Lottery 1 [22] 6. Lottery 2 [23] 7. Contests and Lotteries Winners [24] 8. 100CAD [25] 9. 5 CAD (DONE) [26] 10. Contest Time [27] 11. Contest Time (voting) [28] 12. Contest Time (winner) [29] 13. CONTEST (70's & 80's) [30] 14. CONTEST (70's & 80's) (voting) [31] 15. CONTEST (70's & 80's) (winner) [32] 16. 1st Annual Spam Awards - Nominations Now Open [33] 17. Spam Season [34] 18. Spam Awards Voting [35] 19. Spam Awards Winner [36] 20. FREE FOOD (DONE) [37]

The Spam Times

Day 1,625-present

The newspaper name changed when the spam awards was created. The majority of the articles is about spam and really short articles. There been more subscribers when the newspaper changed the name. The Spam Times became a more voted newspaper too.

I Got Series

Day 1,656-present

This series is about the free stuff killer2001 got since day 1656.

5.4 gold

The first article is called "I Got 5.4 Gold". It's about when killer2001 became sub 1000 for Extreminators newspaper. Extreminators did a mistake when he gave killer2001 5.4 gold. Extreminators is supposed to give killer2001 0.5 gold. Killer2001 gave him 3/4 of the tanks he own to him.

first donation for the 2nd article in the series

115 Q6 tanks and 1 Q1 gun

This article was originally called "I Got 50 Tanks". It was published on Day 1,708. Firstly Hanibal LA spammed my post with an article. Killer2001 voted the article. Killer2001 got 50 Q6 tanks. 19 hours after that klop123 looked at killer2001's article and found his name. Klop123 gave killer2001 50 Q6 tanks because of fame. Then the article was called "I Got 100 Q6 Tanks. Mr Andrews gave killer2001 10 Q6 tanks because of his hard work paying his employees. LongliveIRA gave killer2001 15 tanks because he want to be in the article. Joey Millz gave killer2001 1 Q1 gun because he want to be in the article too.

10k+10g+31 Q7 tanks

This article was deleted by Plato for braking eRepublik rules. It's the most voted article in the series. It's about when FRITZHILL gave killer2001 10,000 currency and 10 gold to spam LeperMessiah. Killer2001 spammed him and then LeperMessiah gave killer2001 31 Q7 tanks when he ask for it.

I Got Spam Donations

This article is about people from all around the world spamming killer2001 with donations. It stared with one donation from Plugson and killer2001 shouted that Plugson donated 2 food to him and more people started to spam him with donations.

I Got Series Links

1. I got 5.4 gold [38] 2. I got 115 Q6 tanks and 1 Q1 gun [39] 3. I Got Spam Donations[40]

Short Articles

Day 1,649

An article called "Click Here" is the first article of the short articles. It got 46 votes. Next article called "Plato on the battlefield" that got 51 votes. "Dear Plato" got 199 votes and it's the second most voted article in the newspaper that's not deleted. An article called "Today is Independence Day" got over 400 votes but it got deleted for spam. "Bye eCanada" got 57 votes. Another article called "Dear Plato" got 145 votes.

Short Articles Links

1. Click Here [41] 2. Plato on the battlefield [42] 3. Bye eCanada [43] 4. Dear Plato [44] 5. Dear Plato [45] 6. Click Here [46]

RIP articles

Killer2001 wrote 2 articles about people dying. The first one is about Max Blue's death. He wrote that because he has nothing else to write about and Max Blue is a good friend to killer2001. The second article about someone dying is Simonymous who is the god of spam. Killer2001 announced his status of god of spam when he dies.

RIP article links

1. RIP Max Blue o7 [47] 2. RIP Simonymous o7 [48]