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Nationality Flag-Cyprus.jpg Cypriot
Date of birth Dec 09, 2011
Date of death Around Feb 01, 2013
Sex Male
Newspaper The Spam Times
Congress member of UK
September 25 2012 – October 25 2012
Served under The Unity Party
UK Hieldaism Party of UK
October 15 2012 – October 18 2012
Congress member
November 25 2012 – December (est)
Military rank Icon rank Supreme Marshal.png Supreme Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

killer2001 was a citizen of Icon-Cyprus.png Cyprus.

Personal History

Killer2001 birthday is on December 9, 2011. Born in South Dakota, Canada.

Spam Times

spam times avatar

Killer2001 is the owner of The Spam Times. The newspaper was founded on Day 1527 with the name Small Times. It has 100 articles and 703 subscribers. The most voted article with 400 votes+ was released on July 1. The article was called "Today is Independence Day" but was removed by Plato for spam and killer2001 got an FP point.


Killer2001 usually chat on BulldogsHQ. It is his Military Unit's chat.

Mr.Andrews Payroll

killer2001 getting fired from payroll, Mr.Andrews gave him 10 Q6 tanks as a thank you

Everyday Mr Andrews paid his employees their salary by donation. The tax-free jobs were for saving money for Mr.Andrews and the employees getting a higher salary than others because of the USA's high tax rate. Killer2001 found one of Mr.Andrews tax-free jobs on Day 1621 and he got hired. Killer2001 was a great and trusted employee. Then Mr.Andrews decided to promote killer2001 for being in charge of his payroll. The deal was killer2001 get paid 10 extra currency for each donation. Killer2001 made a lot of money from the extra currency because Mr.Andrews have many employees. On Day 1709, killer2001 got fired and got 10 Q6 tanks (Q7 did not exist on that day) because Mr.Andrews did not need to save on labor costs and Mr.Andrews employee salaries became a normal job that is with the taxes. A couple of days later Mr.Andrews fired all of his employees because of the new Q7 companies and that it can not be profitable.

Motto/Theme Song

Killer2001's motto is "Be a Spammer, Get Rich". This motto is for promoting spam in the game. Killer2001's theme song is a song named Spam by Weird Al Yankovic.

Canada Days

HOPE's avatar

Early Days

Killer2001's birthplace is in Canada. He joined the MU HOPE. With some nice people in the MU killer2001 became regiment captain of the regiment 5 in his 3rd month of his life. Killer2001 joined The Crimson Order Party. He became a more known person when he became a noob spammer.

Norsefire-MOO Chapter Takeover Attempt

one of killer2001's campaigns

In Canada, there's a lot of vote buying and dictatorship. Killer2001 decided to help Mia Angela Carina by taking over one of Rolo Tahmasee's parties. Killer2001 decide to take over the Norsefire-MOO Chapter because Wally Cleaver is the party president and he is the first person to unfriend killer2001 for spam. Killer2001 lost the elections.

UK Days

Getting The CS

On day 1659 killer2001 left Canada. He left because of not many people like spam in his home country. His last article in Canada was about leaving Canada. First, he wanted to have a CS in USA, but it took forever. Then killer2001 posted a shout saying what country he should get a CS in. Then killer2001 listened to the first comment and it says Australia. Killer2001 tried to get a CS in Australia but it took to long. Then someone offered killer2001 a CS in India for Money.png 5 000 CC and killer2001 lowered it to Money.png 1 200 CC but he scammed killer2001 and killer2001 still had a CS in Canada. Then Angela Williams invited him to the United Kingdom and his CS was accepted by Rosemary Boxer.

British Bulldogs' avatar

Got Into The UK

Killer2001 became a party member of The British Tea Party and member of The SAS. A month later he became the party president of The British Tea Party and the 2nd in Command of The SAS. The British Bulldogs took over The SAS and killer2001 joined the British Bulldogs. Killer2001 also joined the MU party New Era. Killer2001 also experienced how was be in a wiped out country. On Day 1762, killer2001 became captain of the regiment 4 of the British Bulldogs after being British Bulldogs number one enemy on Day 1761.

On Day 1792, killer2001 became party president of the British Empire Party. Killer2001 renames the party to UK Hiedlaism Party. The party became the British Bulldogs's 2nd official party.

Cyprus Days

On Day 1805, killer2001 joined Cyprus. According to killer2001's research, Cyprus loves spam the most compared to other countries. Cyprus is also the birthplace of jochhism, an unofficial erepublik religion. Killer2001 joined party PASOK after invitation of jochhi and Lord Navets.

Killer2001's citizen request was very thoughtful and that's the reason why he got into the country.

killer2001's CS request

Spamming More Often Days

Killer2001 became The King of Spam (not the god of spam because it was taken) after spamming people and hiring spammers. His first spam attack was on Plugson. Then 2 weeks later he and his spammers spammed a scammer when killer2001 got paid Money.png 10 000 CC and Icon-gold.gif 10 GOLD. After spamming LeperMessiah the scammer, killer2001 became a good friend with him. On Day 1743 to Day 1745, an anonymous player sent Money.png 175 CC to killer2001 to spam fairgr by sending him 10 messages. On Day 1,744 Captain Kushskins sent killer2001 Money.png 175 CC to spam Talostastic. On Day 1753, FRITZHILL paid killer2001 Money.png 7 000 CC to spam the CP of Indonesia. The next day killer2001 paid Money.png 6 000 CC to 15 different players to spam him. The same day, Player4a paid Money.png 200 CC killer2001 to spam mpoukos.

FRITZHILL paying killer2001 to spam LeperMessiah
The reason why FRITZHILL wanted 666herostrat666 to be spammed

On day Day 1785, killer2001 became the God of spam. This happened because of Simonymous's death, killer2001 made an article about it. On Day 1785, FRITZHILL paid Money.png 10 000 CC and Icon-gold.gif 9 GOLD to killer2001 to spam another well known scammer named 666herostrat666. The reason was 666herostrat666 scammed FRITZHILL. FRITZHILL send him Money.png 9 200 CC to buy more than 400 q7 tanks, but 666herostrat666 sent him Q1 weapons instead. On Day 1788, killer2001 and his hired spammers spammed 666herostrat666. Killer2001 asked his spammers to give a minimum of 10 PMs (Personal Messages). Over 225 PMs were sent to 666herostrat666. On Day 1789, 666herostrat666 changed his name to Alexander of Babylon probably because he was a well-known scammer.

On Day 1761, killer2001 wrote an article about this lawsuit failure.


killer2001's first mercenary medal post

Icon achievement freedomfighter off.gif
Freedom Fighter (x0)
Icon achievement hardworker on.gif
Hard Worker (x11)
Icon achievement congressman on.gif
Congress Member (x2)
Icon achievement president off.gif
Country President (x0)
Icon achievement mediamogul on.gif
Media Mogul (x1)
Icon achievement battlehero on.gif
Battle Hero (x4)
Icon achievement skyhero off.gif
Sky Hero (x0)
Icon achievement campaignhero off.gif
Campaign Hero (x0)
Icon achievement resistance on.gif
Resistance Hero (x1)
Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x21)
Icon achievement society builder off.gif
Society Builder (x0)
Icon achievement mercenary on.gif
Mercenary (x1)
Icon achievement top fighter off.gif
Top Fighter (x0)
Icon achievement truepatriot on.gif
True Patriot (x6)
Icon achievement prestigehunter off.gif
Prestige Hunter (x0)
Icon achievement party president on.gif
Party President* (x2)
Icon achievement terra on.gif
Terra soldier* (x1)
Icon achievement ONE on.gif
ONE soldier* (x1)
United Kingdom

killer2001's true patriot

RWs Medals

On Day 1,797, killer2001 won his first RW medal. CenodekaMKD was the reason why killer2001 won his first RW. CenodekaMKD posted a post in his friends feed and killer2001 saw it and rushed to Podolia, Moldova for Money.png 20 CC and started the RW.

The post that got killer2001's first rw medal



30 26329 / 30000




Icon skill strength.gif 5,375.50


Damage (1742 Day)
Number Weapon Influence (1x hit) Against Natural Enemy
Q0 align=left 1252 1377
Q1 align=left 1502 1652
Q2 align=left 1752 1927
Q3 align=left 2003 2203
Q4 align=left 2253 2478
Q5 align=left 2503 2753
Q6 align=left 2754 3029
Q7 align=left 3755 4130

Military rank

Number Patch Rank name
43 Icon rank Supreme Marshal.png Spam Marshal***

Killer2001's FP Points And Bans

killer2001's first ban

FP Points

killer2001 earned a lot of forfeit points. Most of his FP came from his newspaper The Spam Times. When killer2001 would reach a lot of FP points, he would become a 2-Clicker for 2 months so he wouldn't get in more trouble. When killer2001 was in Canada, killer2001 got a Icon-gold.gif 10 GOLD fine and a 72-hour content block for his seventh or eighth FP. Then all his FP got cleared after 2 months and killer2001 got more active. On Day 1660, all of killer2001 FP got cleared.

killer2001's fp points on day 1710

Temporarily Bans


Killer2001 got 4 bans in total. His first ban was on Day 1,651 and his ban got a lot of attention when Simonymous made an article about him. The article was called "And that is why I'm the God of Spam". It was about how killer2001 got banned after killer2001 copied Simonymous spams. Many people believed that killer2001 got banned from spam but killer2001 actually got banned from cursing in Simonymous spam post.


Killer2001's second ban was on Day 1725. This time he got banned for spam. It's when killer2001 got an original idea about hiring spammers. Killer2001 paid each spammer Money.png 400 CC to give Plugson 10 to 15 messages on Day 1723. On day 1724, killer2001 sent Plugson about 10 messages to pay Money.png 5 000 CC and he'll stop spamming him. Later that day Plugson wrote an article about killer2001 blackspamming Plugson. The article was edited after 24 hours when killer2001 got banned.

killer2001 reason for getting 2 bans in a week


On Day 1827, killer2001 gets his first 2-day ban. He stalked a wiki moderator Gucio in the game. Killer2001 sent him various kinds of personal messages. This was a part of the Jochhism Wiki War. Gucio couldn't stand killer2001 so he reported him, firstly killer2001 got one FP, however, this didn't stop him. After another message, killer2001 got banned.

killer2001's 3rd ban, screenshot taken by Gucio16
killer2001's 4th ban, screenshot taken by killer2001 when he's offline


Killer2001's fourth ban was killer2001's first 3-day ban and was also on Day 1,830, three days after his third ban but he only had 1 day to play the game before this ban. The third ban didn't stop killer2001 at all. This is again for stalking Gucio, these actions caused Gucio to be very depressed but luckily, he still plays the game. Killer2001 never appealed to this ban since he knew that he had no chance.

Permanent Ban


He was banned for not respecting terms of Service.

Wiki Bans

Killer2001 only had three wiki bans, two of them for being involved in the Wiki edit War. His first wiki ban is about undoing an edit that was made from a wiki administrator Grzechooo in User talk:Jochhi. The second wiki ban was about killer2001 trying to bribe 2 wiki administrator to add the Jochhism wiki page and this is a part of the Jochhism Wiki War. The third wiki ban was related to killer2001's third ban of stalking Gucio.

Past Avatars


killer2001's invited friends
killer2001's voter's club info

Killer2001 only had 1 active referrer. Killer2001 invited 6 people in total. Killer2001 spams his referrer link in other games and killer2001 hopes that someone clicks on that link and start playing the game.

Killer2001 earned Money.png 16 679 CC in the voters club.