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Energy and what influences it

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Food increases the citizen's energy. Like all products, it can be purchased in the Marketplace and is consumed by clicking the Recover Energy button.

If you do not have any food in your inventory, the Recover Energy button will change into a Buy Food button which links you to the marketplace.

Note: If you have energy bars in your inventory, Buy Food button won't appear - instead Energy Bar button will appear!

Types of Food

There are seven varying qualities of food, with higher quality food having a higher star rating. Each increase in the quality of food increases the potential amount of energy restored by intervals of two. Thus, quality one (represented by one star) food restores two energy while a quality six food restores twelve energy. And while higher quality food may restore higher energy, the best type of food to buy is the one that gives you the most energy for your money. A player is only limited by the amount of energy they can recover in a set amount of time. Therefore, it is better to buy 100 units of Q1 food (200 energy) for $50 than it is to buy 20 units of Q5 food (also 200 energy) for $55, and so on.

How to Consume Food

You can only consume food by clicking the Recover Energy button, which can be found in the sidebar of any eRepublik page, underneath energy. After clicking this link, your energy will be restored as close to 100 energy as possible. First your citizen will eat the highest quality food in your storage. If the highest quality food will make your energy rise over 100, instead of the highest quality food the next highest food unit will be eaten. The energy values of the citizen will then increase the amount that is given to the food consumed. The information of energy will be automatically updated on the sidebar itself.

The amount of remaining energy which can be consumed will be displayed in the tooltip button.

Note: If you have energy bars in your storage, they can be consumed after you restored all the remaining energy that can be recovered with food. Note2: There's also an Recover Energy button on the battlefield which is completely the same way working as the one on the sidebar.


Food raw material is used in the manufacture of food

There are a few quick notes to be mentioned about food manufacturing:

  • Food raw material is used to manufacture food.
  • Regions that are connected to capital and have either grain, deer, cattle, fish or fruits give food companies a +20% production bonus per resource.
    • Production bonuses, however, do increase the amount of raw materials needed to get the job done.
  • Higher quality food requires more food raw material to manufacture.

Further Information on Food Manufacturing

Food Qualities

The effectiveness of food depend on their quality. The higher quality of food the more wellness it will restore and it will take less storage place:

Q5 Food
  • Q1: Icon health.png 2/use
  • Q2: Icon health.png 4/use
  • Q3: Icon health.png 6/use
  • Q4: Icon health.png 8/use
  • Q5: Icon health.png 10/use
  • Q6: Icon health.png 12/use
  • Q7: Icon health.png 20/use

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