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Unknown Person.jpg
Nationality Flag-Germany.jpg German
National rank Beloved
Date of birth January 2008
Sex Male
Congress of Germany
December 25 – January 25
Congress of Germany
January 25 – February 25
Congress of Germany
March 25 – April 25
Congress of Germany
April 25 – May 25
Congress of Germany
June 25 – Forever
Military rank Icon rank Captain***.png Captain***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


Tolo is a citizen of the eWorld loyal to eGermany. He is the editor-in-chief of "The Cube" and 6-time congressman in eGermany. Has been involved in Germany since 2008 and part of the organizers of the liberation of Germany, establishing the country and has served in many administrations as Foreign Minister to Minister of Defense.

Early life

Tolo was born in eItaly on 19.02.2008 and wasn't allowed to play or study and had to work and work till he worked himself to death and died after 1 month of struggles in March 2008. Due to lack of friends, he went inactive for a few months however he helped guide a big community to the game before he went inactive which ultimately birthed Germany once more. Upon returning from hiatus, he immediately joined the >100 private free Germany soldiers. He travelled to the Czech republic (becoming part of the 3rd biggest company in the world at the time) and joined the German Liberation Front and gained support for the German liberation. On November 19, 2008, members of the German Liberation Front travelled to Germany to incite the multi-region resistance war, called the German Independence War. As German soil was liberated, he joined the Federal Social Democrat Party and took off into a political career.


Tolo is the editor-in-chief of The Cube. Tolo often was identified as the platform between the people and the administration and undertook this commitment to transparency through his newspaper.

Political life

Tolo, since liberating eGermany, was a vital part of the politics there. He served many terms in the administration, often getting in with a fair amount of votes. His first term ended by the resignation of Tolo so he can join Operation Burning Spirit and securing German regions from aggression. Initially, Tolo joined the FDSP due to his friendship with Justin Tyme as well as being the first party in eGermany before switching to OMG, due to shared values. He settled his loyalty in the newly found Buergerliches Deutschland (now called Buergerliches Union) in which he is considered a founder.


Tolo was commander of Government forces under Isy's administration. Took part in all wars involving Germany for all the terms he was active in.


  • Vital to the liberation of Germany.
  • 6-time Congressman.
  • Congressional forces leader, Foreign affairs ambassador.
  • Served as Minister of Information, Foreign affairs and Defense.
  • Fought in every German war.