Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg

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Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg

Icon-Germany.png Germany

Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg
Map of the region
Capital Hamburg
Language German, English
Last update '
Hamburg City Hall
Region Coat of Arms
Region flag

Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg is an original region of Germany.

It was conquered by Sweden as a result of the Sweden-Germany War and it was seen as a Swedish national province until its liberation on January 11, 2009. It was conquered by Poland during World War IV and swapped to Sweden later.

The region's capital is Hamburg.


Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg is neighbored by following regions:


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Congress History

The following table shows the Congressmen that have served in Congress from Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg since November 2008:

Congressional Election Congressman Party No. of Votes Type of Mandate
January 09 Mark Wahlberg FSDP 3 regular
January 09 Lepo Nex OMG 2 regular
January 09 Slavko FDD 2 Wildcard
January 09 Tolo OMG 2 Wildcard
February 09 Sziks GDU 10 regular
February 09 Justin Tyme FSDP 8 regular
February 09 Xstar FSDP 7 Wildcard
February 09 Justin Tyme FSDP 8 regular
February 09 Fagga FDD 5 Wildcard
February 09 Mark Wahlberg FSDP 5 Wildcard
March 09 henker FDD 24 regular
March 09 GeBe OMG 10 regular
March 09 Lepo Nex BU 9 Wildcard
March 09 frozen4 FSDP 8 Wildcard
April 09 GeBe OMG 18 regular
April 09 Tolo BU 16 regular
April 09 Fabio Duarte FDD 12 Wildcard
April 09 Robert Toth BU 8 Wildcard
April 09 Whiskey Beerbear RFD 7 Wildcard
April 09 Lepo Nex BU 5 Wildcard
April 09 kalle t OMG 5 Wildcard
April 09 Helion Prime FDD 4 Wildcard
April 09 monkey111 RFD 3 Wildcard
June 09 HerrMueller FDD 12 regular
June 09 Justin Tyme OMG 5 regular
June 09 Bush Da BunnY OMG 5 regular
June 09 WillRiker NBU 3 regular
June 09 Habraka Abrivianius FDD 2 regular
June 09 David Helson OMG 2 regular
June 09 Fabio Duarte FDD 1 regular
June 09 Tolo NBU 0 regular
July 09 Yossu YAAP 12 regular
July 09 Guciu FDD 12 regular
July 09 Ogarsky FDD 11 Wildcard
July 09 Marta_S NBU 11 Wildcard
September 09 Xgckl SPeD 6 regular
September 09 kbot OMG 5 regular
October 09 Jon Greene SPeD 6 regular
October 09 kbot OMG 3 regular

Occupations prevent German elections in November and December 08 and also in May and August 09 in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg.