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0.99 Euro Pack is a One Time Only pack available to purchase by ANY player (customer or non-customer) at a price of Icon-Euros.gif 0,99 €.

Once purchased, 3 Energy Bars and 15 Bazookas will instantly be added to your account (without an expiration date).

* These are more characteristics of the "0.99 Euro Pack" offer.
  • The offer will activate at the first login.
  • The pack will appear on the Battle page after the first 3 kills and will have a timer set for 7 days in which the offer can be bought.
  • If the pop-up is closed the banner should appear on the left sidebar.


  • Q: How many times can I purchase the 0.99 Euro Pack?
    • A: Each citizen can only purchase the 0.99 Euro Pack ONE time only.
  • Q: I have started the purchase but I have changed my mind and closed the page or clicked the back button, now the banner is gone.
    • A: Once you click on the offer and go the payment provider page, the banner disappears for 1-2 hours. If you want to go to the payment methods and check out more payment options, click Cancel after inspecting each option, so you can still see the banner.
  • Q: How can I get the banner back?
    • A: After 1-2 hours clear your cache/cookies and the banner should be back on the Battle page.

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