Mini power pack

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Energy and what influences it

Recovering energy: FoodHouseWeekly challengePower packPower Pack Booster
Items: Energy barFirst aid kitWinter treatPumpkinCarrotIce creamBonbon
Spending energy: FightDeployGuerrilla fightsTrainWorkMoving ticket
Energy pool: HouseEnergy centerCentral parkSeveral Packs

Mini Power pack.png

Mini Power pack is a special pack available to purchase at Shop for a price of Flag-European Union.jpg 2.90 € or Icon - Game tokens.png 29 Game tokens. A citizen can only purchase one of these packs every 7 days. Once purchased, the benefits of the Mini Power pack will be active on the citizen account for 7 days.

The pack provides the following items and benefits:

  1. They have an expiry date of 30 days but they extend the expiry date of other Small Bombs in storage