Bonanza pack XL

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Bonanza Pack XL is a special offer occasionally available to purchase in the Shop at a price of Flag-European Union.jpg 99.9 €. The AIM-92 stingers, big bombs and triple energy bars have an expiration date of 15 days; the cruise missiles of 30 days. The Funky balloons are temporary items and will expire at a specific time, usually 7 days after the announcement of the opportunity to buy this offer.

They can be bought in a limited amount, currently two of each Bonanza pack.


800 Cruise missiles
500 AIM-92 stingers
200 Big bombs
80 Damage accelerator boosters (2x) for 3 minutes
6 Ground damage boosters (+100 %) for 2 hours
6 Air damage boosters (+20%) for 10 minutes
40 Funky balloons booster
Icon - Gold.gif 690 GOLD
270 Triple energy bars